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  • A slow class, not as challenging as expected. But good for going back to the basics. And short too.

  • Long holds of poses - twists, half moon, tree pose, flying pigeon. Good class, challenging to keep hold for so long, but definitely grounding.

  • 45 minutes max - not super advanced. bridge into shoulder stand is a +

  • Great class - very satisfying and challenging without too many complicated moves. Definitely feel wrung out at the end, very heated and grounding. Loved it.
    July 9th - again ,tough class, but very rewarding.

  • Good solid class - lots of twists. Couldn't do twisted crow, can't get the balance or strength. But all else fine.

  • Great short class - with pikasana and side angle hold - which I almost did. Very good overall and only 30 min
    May 10, did it again, and really like it. Very thorough.

  • GREAT CLASS - very short and intense. Releases so much tension...couldn't do flying pigeon but getting closer and closer. Very relaxed afterwards, worth every minute.

  • Full class of 60 minutes - lots of great poses - tough and strong. and YUMMY hip openers. Definitely a favorite. Very clear instructions.
    April 28: again - thoroughly enjoyed...
    May 14: again, never a dull moment. Just very satisfying

  • Very doable class - not as challenging as I'd like, but good.

  • Favorite class too - very intuitive - great poses that I can't do yet. Half moon to sugar cane, bend over hip flexor stretch, and hands behind heels lift. But getting there. Flows so smoothly.
    July 21 - again, loved it, still challenging. But I wasn't at my best frame of mind

  • Much more than Int II - one legged balances, sugar-cane post, side lift, and then backbends - a bit slow with the backbend progression, but can be adapted. Over all good class and good timing - not too long, not too short.

  • Very soothing class - good twists - not hard, reinforcing basics.
    Aug. 5 - very good class - just enough of a push

  • Amazing class - really focused on hips and release. Love it - still can't do flying pigeon, but much more open in hips.

  • Great class - very intense three poses focus. Pikasana three times, then eagle pose through transitions, and then standing pikasana/crow with foot hooked around arm (couldn't do, but getting closer), great intense ending with pigeon pose - but would have liked it to hold longer. Good music too.
    May 7: again beautiful class - challenging and focused. Love it

  • Very tough class - actually quite advanced, but worth striving for. Gives me a lot of room to grow. April 11, 2021

  • I have to try this one again. Loved it the first time.
    May 19- third time, I think. Good class - but alternates between slow movements and then intense ones, but not enough lead up to them. Good music and relaxing, but not as cleansing as I wanted. Long savanna - so really finishes at about 1:11:00

  • Really great class - more advanced than intermediate. Interesting shoulder openers and a lot of core work. Meditative music and very long shavasana so really time is about 43 minutes
    May 13: Love love love this class - challenging and fulfilling. Music is meditative and fits perfectly
    july 18: again good class. but i wasn't in right mental space and have neck pain so not as fulfilling as the last times. Still very meditative and meaningful.

  • Great short-is class. Not too hard - 3 pikasanas which I did :) Nice and straightforward.

  • A much slower moving class - not a level III. Good for relaxation , but not challenging.

  • very short active period - 18 min - and ends with headstand

  • Great class - short but full. Very relaxed and smooth. Love this class - especially with music ... goes deep.
    May 21: strong short fulfilling class

  • Very good class - lots of long stretches - half moon/sugar cane, floor lifts, and back bend. But a bit slow at times...want to go deeper and longer sometimes

  • Really only about 45 minutes long of active stuff. Some interesting poses - Tibetan stretch at the end was great, but some other side floor poses could not do. Good bird of paradise pose that took me by surprise. Generally good - a lot of internal tummy moves.

  • Very clear no-nonsense class. Full stretch, smooth movements and transitions from one pose to the next. Good solid pace.
    July 28: Good class - very do-able. But I"m so stiff

  • More advanced than intermediate. Don't like the music. Tough class, need to be more prepared and energized for it than I was the first time. Worth trying again. A lot of focus on the arms - strength of forearms. Did it again, still hard, but good - especially hip stretches in the end.

  • Good class - but a lot more challenging that Int II! I'd say at least III. Hard to get into a couple of poses - so need to work up to it and it work more on hip flexibility.

  • Somehow I thought this would be more challenging - though letting my head drop back is very challenging for me. But I think the opening shot of Fiji doing incredible wheels led me to believe we'd be going in that direction. Pace is a bit fast, but I think I got distracted by the idea that I'd be going into a bigger wheel than I thought. Good class, would do again. Nice music and Fiji voice over, but sometimes slower than poses.
    May 9th - same as above ...a bit less clear in instructions, but good practice.

  • Not a level 3 class - I like it in general, but still can't do flying pigeon. And the back head hold is not comfortable for me. Ok - but not a great class
    May 30th - loved this class second time around. Must not have been in right vibe the first time!

  • Good class - very vigorous and stretchy. Long series of poses each side, flow into each other. Able to keep up with it well enough to go into each pose comfortably.

  • Good class - lots of nice moves. Headstand not as methodologically explained as Rachel, but works fine. Long shavasana - so all in all really more like 32 minutes today

  • Fun sequences and poses - not as advanced as I expected. But good overall 60 minutes of full practice. Forearm stand and handstands but not the main part.

  • Nice relaxing class - calming and smooth. Good stretch.

  • Solid class - tough moments - handstand from legs a bit too hard for me. But good overall ... soft and slow and satisfying

  • Great class to work up to - challenging for me, but reachable with practice. Steady pace and nice smooth transitions. A keeper for sure.

  • Nice, short invigorating class. Definitely gets warming mechanism going.
    April 13th - 2nd time around - really loved it more this time, was able to fully feel each pose. Very invigorating.
    May 25th - again, really loved this class.

  • Good solid class - fast paced and rigorous. Just what I needed this morning.

  • Good class - smooth progression and intense focus on upper back - shoulders and front chest

  • Just what I needed, perfect class for feeling better. Short and focused. Thankful.

  • Good wrist and shoulder stretches and lots of dolphin downward dogs.

  • slow moving class - but pretty intense for a level II

  • Great class, nice pace, nice poses, and action over by 43 minutes

  • Great short intense class - works up a bit of a heat and very smooth flowing. May 12, 2021

  • 28 minute short, invigorating class. Lots of good stretches and fast pace

  • Great short class - energy giving.

  • Great short class - vigorous and good pace

  • Nice quick wake me up - good stretches. Great soundtrack.

  • very nice class - shoulders stretched well

  • amazing short and sweet class. Loved it.

  • Amazingly thorough and cohesive class - from start to finish.
    June 29: again, great class - hits all the sweet spots through great flow.
    July 22: again, ennn-joyyyed. Great release and stretch.

  • good strong class - interesting holds and transitions

  • Loved this class - only thing I couldn't do was the headstand. Otherwise, all good-ish.

  • Good class - interesting transitions

  • Much tougher than Int II - but great - very rewarding to learn how to do grasshopper! Not quite, but close.

  • Amazing class - short and concentrated, no nonsense simple with music

  • amazing short class!!