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Doing yoga before running is one of the best ways to stay injury free, get stronger and make your run more enjoyable. Fiji takes you through an efficient, rigorous sequence of poses that prepare your body for a run by loosening key muscles that are often tight and strengthening those that encourage balance.


Thanks Fiji
swadler 1 week ago

As a 58 year old Peace Corps Volunteer on the Island of Dominica my wife and I are attempting to complete all 14 segments of the Waitikibuli National Trail. It is a lengthy, arduous hiking trail through muddy rain forests and up and down mountains and valleys. This class has helped me and my wife avoid injury, increase stamina and shorten recovery time. We only have 5 segments left!!!! Thank you, Ms. McAlpine and DoYogaWithMe. It's been a lifechanger having this site available.

JudithAnne 6 months ago

I am starting a running practice after several years off because of injury and with this class I am very hopeful that I can run injury free. I remember when I started running for the first time back in the 80's I thought yoga would be a perfect complement but could find no instruction, and I didn't have the knowledge to create a practice for myself. This time is different! Thank you, Fiji and David and everyone at DoYogaWithMe.

Thank for this excellent pre
sophakig 9 months ago

Thank for this excellent pre-run yoga. I felt the energy flowing through my body and really need the hip and IT band stretching.

Great pre run class
Cypress23 10 months ago

Thnx Fiji for a great class! It really helps minimize hip pain in my runs.

What a difference! I don't
marrit 1 year ago

What a difference! I don't feel tired at all, just that post work-out satisfaction.
My legs are a bit flimsy and lanky, but they felt very strong. Which is actually one of the reasons I picked up running in the first place. Can't wait to feel the difference in a month or two.

I injured my ankle a while
Suzune 1 year ago

I injured my ankle a while back doing jump kicks in the gym. I worried that, now that I am getting older, that it might not recover quite as well or as quickly. I did this class this morning and I felt no pain but instead realised how tight my ankle muscles had become. While it might be some time before I run again. This class has given me so much more flexibility and strength in my ankle then before. Thank you for this wonderful class.

I am really grateful for
lila2 1 year ago

I am really grateful for these videos. Right now I can't afford paying for classes. I wanted to do yoga online, but didn't feel that I was doing the poses the right way. You explain everything so good. This site is amazing! Thank you all.

Appreciated by non-runner alike
YoNiki 1 year ago

I am not a runner, so did not choose this video until I followed a programme of which it was part.
I really love it as a morning class!
Thumbs up!

I have to admit I land on my
Emma Hair 1 year ago

I have to admit I land on my but quite a lot doing this class especially when I first tried it but I am thankful to Fiji taking the time to share it with us as it has made a massive difference in my ankles and back while I run allowing me to improve in the sport I'm new to and giving me the energy to lose one more pound so thankyou I can't recommend this class enough

emaag 1 year ago

I went into this video just wanting to warm up and prepare for a regular run. By the end of the video in Tadasana, I felt rejuvenated, relaxed, and in a much better mood than when I started. Whatever your intentions were for this video, Fiji, this was a beautiful session that I didn't know I was in much need of. It's moments like these that continue my new burning passion of yoga. Thank you.