Up, Down and All Around

Up, Down and All Around

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Instructor Crista Shillington
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The title is no exaggeration. Crista has a reputation for creative - sometime crazy - transitions in her fun and challenging vinyasa flow classes, and this is one of her best. She also is very good at clarity, which is crucial in a class like this one. Get ready to flow, twist, bind, backbend, side bend, stretch deeply, do inversions, work your body, smile and then rest.

Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


Physically and mentally rewarding
MariamS 1 week ago

This class has such creative and fun transitions. I had quite a few 'Wow, that's cool, how did I end up here?' moments. Love those roller skating poses! Definitely walked straighter and with more awareness of a renewed strength after this class. Thank you Crista :)

Oh my gosh!
Paulette9 1 month ago

Oh my gosh! What an incredible class! It’s a long class-but well worth my time! So many fun poses-and poses that I have never even done before. I loved all of the ending poses as well as the long savasava at the end. And I absolutely loved Krista’s ending mantra! Thank you so much for leaving me feeling rejuvenated ! You are an angel!

Oh wow!
katielee23 1 month ago

Great class, Crista- thank you. I TOTALLY found my limits :-) , so I'll be back to push them! Love love love your humour and lightness (& 5 blocks :-) !! Only needed 1 but appreciate that). And your mantra...siiiiighhhh. Namaste. x

Wonderful class, but time is wrong in description
FairfaxYoga 1 month ago

I want to give the moderator a heads up that the time in the description is incorrect. It says about an hour, but it's closer to an hour and fifteen minutes. Terrific class, but you may want to correct the description. Cheers!

Re: Wonderful class, but time is wrong in description
David Procyshyn 1 month ago

Thank you! We've change the time to the correct one.

the complete package
jayrob 1 month ago

simply the best DYWM practise Ive ever done. from a foul mood and in a state of fatigue, I nealry skipped tonights yoga, but pushed through and found this. I laughed, swore (with love and humour) and find myeslf now refreashed and deeply relaxed. Thank you Christa

katie_simpson 2 months ago

Unbelievable Class Christa, It quite literally took me further with yoga than I’ve ever been at any of my classes and all these years I felt invincible amazing but yet very humbled and extremely grateful. Thank you this is definitely one of my favourite classes.. All my blessings to you can’t wait to do more like this xxx

Fun and challenging!
NathalieH 2 months ago

This is the second Crista's class that I have done! Absolutely brilliant! Fun and challenging! I was dripping sweat afterwards!

Irishlove 4 months ago

I found this practice very challenging, and rewarding. I honestly found it to be much more of an advanced practice as many of the elements take a thorough experience with the fundamentals of alignment so that and injury does not occur. As always, Crista really pacing her classes with exceptional clarity. Namaste from Ireland.

Feeling painfree and 50 years younger
Froedi 6 months ago

Wow Crista, you made my day! Thank you for this beautiful class! I feel 50 years younger even though I am only 33. I have several painful ganglions in my wrists and the doctors keep telling me not to practice yoga, but every time I do it, I am painfree... So I will continue! Thank you very much