Up, Down and All Around

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Crista Shillington
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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The title is no exaggeration. Crista has a reputation for creative - sometime crazy - transitions in her fun and challenging vinyasa flow classes, and this is one of her best. She also is very good at clarity, which is crucial in a class like this one. Get ready to flow, twist, bind, backbend, side bend, stretch deeply, do inversions, work your body, smile and then rest.


Fun and challenging!
NathalieH 2 weeks ago

This is the second Crista's class that I have done! Absolutely brilliant! Fun and challenging! I was dripping sweat afterwards!

Irishlove 2 months ago

I found this practice very challenging, and rewarding. I honestly found it to be much more of an advanced practice as many of the elements take a thorough experience with the fundamentals of alignment so that and injury does not occur. As always, Crista really pacing her classes with exceptional clarity. Namaste from Ireland.

Feeling painfree and 50 years younger
Froedi 4 months ago

Wow Crista, you made my day! Thank you for this beautiful class! I feel 50 years younger even though I am only 33. I have several painful ganglions in my wrists and the doctors keep telling me not to practice yoga, but every time I do it, I am painfree... So I will continue! Thank you very much

Kiwifruit 3 months ago

Hey, I to have the occasional ganglion cyst! SO painful, couldn't put any weight on my hand, or bend my wrists or anything, I was doing yoga one armed ha ha. It was nestled in between two little wrist bones and wasn't very raised, so I couldn't do the old bible trick and my physio had a month long waiting list! I ended up getting so frustrated that I just placed my thumb firmly on it one evening and pressed with increasing pressure until it completely shrunk away to nothing. I can't say it was painful and I gained wrist mobility again immediately! It hasn't come back either! Just thought I would share my story, maybe yours will have an easy fix like mine! Namaste :-)

Thank you Crista for this
Niashani 4 months ago

Thank you Crista for this creative, opening, warm, and challenging practice. I am 44 and it made me feel like a kid again, and also centered and focused my mind. The relaxation was the perfect length and your voice singing that song literally brought me to tears. I would love to sing that to my children at night. Can you please tell me where to find it as well as the translation? I will be doing more of your classes! Peace to you.

Hi Niashani!
Crista Shillington 4 months ago

Hi Niashani!
So happy you enjoyed it! The mantra is one of my favourites:
Asatoma sat gamaya
Tamasoma jyotir gamaya
Mrityor amritam gamaya
Google it to see the many lovely translations :)

An Adventure
mjbarron 5 months ago

This was one of the most creative and adventurous classes I've ever experienced.

Well, ok then!
cmzampitella 9 months ago

This was a lot of fun!! Hard in some places and forget the handstand! But I have to say that I loved the mantra at the end. It's been the only time thus far in all my classes I've heard that. What a lovely voice. I ended today with a big smile. Namaste!

Thank you for a wonderful
Abigailx47 9 months ago

Thank you for a wonderful class. Your energy is amazing!

Operatic Yogi 12 months ago

Definitely a challenge for me but it pushed me in all the right ways, I think. I'm learning to cultivate humility and patience, no doubt!