Up, Down and All Around

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Class Description: 

The title is no exaggeration. Crista has a reputation for creative - sometime crazy - transitions in her fun and challenging vinyasa flow classes, and this is one of her best. She also is very good at clarity, which is crucial in a class like this one. Get ready to flow, twist, bind, backbend, side bend, stretch deeply, do inversions, work your body, smile and then rest.


Contagious Smile
tamado 4 days ago

I have practiced with many of your videos and this one was extremely challenging. I find your flow liberating, your energy inspiring and your smile contagious. The Canadian in me giggles with each "please" as we transition poses. I am newer to yoga, practicing seriously for only a few months but have been wanting to start for a long time. I love this site and often turn to your classes. I find yoga worshipful - community, prayer, meditation, inspiration and to add song was a beautiful beginning to meditation for me today.

Beautiful voice
Bizou 5 days ago

And I forgot to mention your voice is amazing! What a beautiful way to end the class.

This was a beautiful class.
Bizou 5 days ago

This was a beautiful class. Thank you. Some of your direction was a but difficult to follow, but I enjoyed the class anyhow.

Thank you Crista for this
RikeYoga 1 week ago

Thank you Crista for this absolute wonderful class. Your smile and your beautiful mantra singing hit me deep in my heart. So back to you from my heart to yours namaste.

You sang beautifully in the
Elizaveta 3 weeks ago

You sang beautifully in the end, it went right to my soul

glad I was alone
juliew16 3 weeks ago

Fun and surprising and challenging. I think I looked pretty funny at times as I attempted some of those transitions - but it's never good to take yourself too seriously anyway :) :)

A challenging practice for me
Mitch Harvey 1 month ago

A challenging practice for me but I surprised myself on many occasions. This challenge has been a wonderful start to my year, I've tried so many different styles/teachers as a result. Thank you.

Perfect Timing
MarilynM 1 month ago

I got a bit mixed up with my video order during this challenge, but I want to say from my heart that this particular practice came to me just as I needed it. I was pleasantly surprised at every turn, Crista's smile is surely infectious!

So Fun!
chelsiecrook 1 month ago

One of the best yoga classes. The time flew by and it was both challenging and relaxing. Thank you for a great session!

Wow, I never had so much fun
JudithAnne 1 month ago

Wow, I never had so much fun tumbling over! Skater's pose is a little beyond me, but it is fun to try. No damage but my pride, which is the point, I believe. Great class, very challenging but encouraging for this sort-of-intermediate. Thank you, Crista.