The Butterfly Practice

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Join Crista in this full-body class that uses unique transitions and movements to strengthen and open your body to work towards seated bird of paradise. The practice also includes options for inversions and backbends.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa/Power Yoga


mrswright2015 3 days ago

Ooooooh I'm going to hurt so good tomorrow - and I don't mind it one bit! Thank you for this class.

sng4ever 3 weeks ago

I loved the idea of the butterfly for this practice.
I did not know this mudra.
This is a fun practice and even if you are not an advance yogini/yogi you can modify a lot of this to have some fun.
Extremely enjoyable.

sydnirae 1 month ago

Exactly what I needed on an afternoon in which my head was running in circles. Thank you for centering me with the strong and the silly!

Also, I appreciate that two challenging (Intermediate III/Advanced) , hour-long classes were added to DYWM in the past couple of weeks. Would LOVE more full-length classes with this kind of intensity (or hey, even more intensity would be cool too)!

ackruger 1 month ago

Crista, thank you so much for this class. Your joy is palpable and I love the playfulness you infuse into each movement. Thank you for teaching me "dolphin push-ups"! I will now incorporate these into my regular routine!

DonnaW 1 month ago

Christa, I love how you come up with many unique and creative ideas to make your classes so different, so enjoyable. The same old same old gets a little boring sometimes and your classes are never that! Thank you also for enlightening us with your wisdom
as you always do.

FairfaxYoga 1 month ago

Pure yoga poetry. Classic Crista, with creative imagery, smooth transitions, and a story line that runs through it all. I loved it all.

Leah-joojoo 1 month ago

Incredible class, thank you Crista. The flow was lovely, the story of the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis was poignant and the struggle to get out of the chrysalis at the end had me laughing out loud! Challenging yet accessible, and heart warming.

Wilddatura 1 month ago

What a creative and invogorating practice! This practice-- thinking of being trapped inside a chrysalis, as we have been for a year, and fighting our way out--- it released some emotions in my body and brought tears to my eyes during savasana. What a gift, thank you.

Paulette9 1 month ago

So FUN and exhilarating!!! In true Crista fashion!!! Thank you for a wonderful class, introducing me to butterfly mudra (I love it!) and the beautiful excerpt about butterflies! Enjoy your day!!