Our Mission and Values

Watch the video above from DoYogaWithMe's founder, David Procyshyn.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the world achieve greater well being, while being kind to our fragile planet. For a decade, we have been making high-quality, online yoga instruction accessible to everyone. Since founding our company in 2008, we’ve recognized the power of yoga to both improve the lives of individuals and empower them to build a better society, and we feel that having much of our content accessible to everyone is an important element.

Our Values

We value being genuine, professional, transparent, caring, generous and reliable. We are serious about delivering a high quality product that is full of integrity, while maintaining a playfulness and sense of humor when we work. We honor what yoga is really about and recognize its potential to help a wide variety of people in a wide variety of ways. We value inclusion, diversity and honesty and we love helping and creating positive change (even the small stuff!). We care about the welfare of all and we want to be able to provide you with instruction and guidance that will help you feel better, have more energy and live with more joy.

Subscriber Benefits

If you're looking for more, becoming a sustaining member (subscriber) costs only $13.99/month or $108.99/year and gives you access to all of our premium content (marked with the symbol '+'), including yoga classes, yoga programs, yoga challenges, guided meditations, peak pose challenges, a private facebook group, as well as 25% off all downloads and occasional promotions for our 250-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. There is no risk, you can cancel at any time and we never refuse a reasonable request.

Best of all, every dollar goes toward giving yoga to those who aren't able to pay for it. So your money doesn’t just help us, and it doesn’t just help you. It helps so many others too.

Our Team

All of our content is created by a close-knit team. From our instructors to our developers, web-designers, and videographers, we’ve hired people who genuinely live the principles of yoga: people who care about their contribution to the world, who are authentic, generous, and love what they do. It’s why we’ve grown so much over the last ten years despite seldom resorting to paid advertising. We now have over 600 class videos, 250,000 registered users, an average of eight people signing up every 10 minutes, and testimonials from people around the world explaining how our site has benefited their lives. All this by following a simple formula: hire good people, produce exceptional content, and back it up with fast, courteous, and reliable customer service.

We only choose teachers who genuinely care and who want to give. We only choose employees who resonate with our mission and are passionate about what we are doing.

Community Rocks!

We have all of the qualities of a true online community. You can easily spark a conversation on our forum, our teachers are easily accessible to you and we feature bi-weekly discussions on important yoga-related topics. For example, we recently asked "If we could design a yoga program just for you, what would it be?" and "What are the pros and cons of an online vs studio yoga practice?". We are frequently reaching out to hear from you and learn from you. We want to create videos and programs that you would benefit from. We also have teacher interviews and we post our teachers’ class bloopers.

We Like Being Small; We Have No Investors

DoYogaWithMe has two owners, brothers David and Sean Procyshyn. We like to be small enough to provide the attention and community feel that people appreciate. We aren’t a profit-driven corporation, yet we aren’t a nonprofit; somewhere in between. We care about people and the planet as much as we care about making money. We do not have investors.

We Love That You're Here

If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions, fire us an email through our Contact Us page. Or just find a class or guided meditation and do it! Or if you're feeling more motivated, find a program or challenge that you resonate with and begin! The more you do yoga, the better you will feel!

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