Sweet Little Heart Openers

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Crista Shillington
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Crista's focus on the heart chakra in this vinyasa yoga leads you through a nicely-paced power flow, full of backbends, side bends, hip openers, forward folds and thigh stretches. Her energy will help you move through the tough times and you'll feel so very good when it's over.


Lively and fun
nadomom 3 months ago

Wow! Great class. Exhilarating and stretchy. Not taxing. Thank you.

Great class!
masha_msl 3 months ago

I can't stop smiling after this class! Thanks Crista!

Wow! Great class!
mzm 4 months ago

Wow! Great class!

SO good!
Melanie Lichtinger 7 months ago

Loved Crista's gentle, playful, heart-opening, AND strengthening class. Just perfect for a phase of chest cold healing - from the Heart.
Will do more of the Lion's breaths too - nice bonus.
So good to be able to do Yoga from home, to support healing naturally and safely!

Class for Healing
mntmadre 10 months ago

I have been ill and unable to come to the mat for a week. My first day back, yesterday, was emotionally and physically difficult. Today, this class helped me come to a place of peace with my healing and even allowed me to see that I'm not as far off track as I thought. I needed this gentle and loving class as reminder of where my true strength lies. Thank you, Crista.

Great all-over class, perfect length
saxorax 12 months ago

I love the energy and challenge in this class! The heart openers are especially deep, and I love how Christa guides the breathing so consistently. Her reminders to smile are great, too! :)

Lovely class with unexpected
Quenzar 1 year ago

Lovely class with unexpected power moves and sequences.

An amazing flow, with power, stillness and breath.
mexitalian 1 year ago

Really enjoyed this class, what an exhilarated sense of peace I'm feeling now.
Also a big fan of lion's breath, first time and hooked. Crista you are a wonderful teacher, thank you for sharing!

Great breath work teacher!
evana 1 year ago

A positive and fun challenging yoga session. Crista guided a focused breathing and feeling good throughout the practice!