Altered Perspective

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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A 'Point of View’ or ‘A Frame of Mind’ or ‘A Standpoint’ is the same as our perspective. In this power yoga class, Tracey challenges your viewpoint with an eyes-open practice based on free flowing movement around your mat. It gives a lot of attention to shoulders, heart openers, hips and forward folds. Offer yourself the gift of seeing something differently today!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Athletes


SMZalokar 2 weeks ago

So lovely to find this class again. Thank you. Namaste.

Melita 1 year ago

With gratitude Tracy from across the big pond in England, I thank you for your free guidance in a well planned yoga class.
Your energy flowed through and touched me.
With a smiling heart
from Melita xx

Laule 1 year ago

Hi Tracey,
I love your classes!! I'm curious but I noticed that in your classes you emphatize to keep the eyes open or close, is it for a special reason? I usually close the eyes during the journey. Thanks and regards ;)

mario-gp 1 year ago

Tracey, I need more classes from you. I love them all. Whenever I need the exercise but also something to nourish my soul, I turn to your lessons.

Hi Mario ~ thank-you for your kind message. Exercise and soul nourishment is at the top of my list too. Glad you throw down your mat and join me and maybe one day I will see you on the mat in Victoria or on retreat somewhere in this big wide world of ours.

Kitkatkatey 1 year ago

Thank you so much. That was exactly what I needed.
Challenging and rewarding

GlassBeach 2 years ago

Interesting to note how Tracy so solidly and swiftly integrates yogic philosophy into practice. After all, that's why I am hitting the mat. It hit me hard, as my eyes crossed slightly and I viewed three pair of prayer hands, how many different ways we can see our world, yet I am fixed on one way. I'm floored with the realization of how conditioned I am. So, I wonder, if I start to play more with my body, I might find the place that exists without conditioning? Freedom perhaps? Ah, but there I go searching. Ha! I am deeply grateful for free access to this idea, this class, this practice.
When squatting, I note that I am leaning way forward and if I attempt to hold a little more solidly with core and lift a bit with my heart, I topple over backward. So, in order to maintain balance, I need to really lean forward, almost rounding my back. Are there any shifts I can play with or any progressive poses I can practice to sit comfortably in malasana (I am not sure this is correct name of pose, but I mean squatting with butt low and hands in prayer with elbows pressing against inner thigh.)? Is it a post that is "supposed to be" comfortable and not a lot of energy to hold?

Tracey Noseworthy 2 years ago

Hi, you are absolutely right in the name of the posture. Thank-you for your kind words, and I love that you have discovered a little bit more about yourself. It's a wonderful journey of self-exploration and curiosity so keep up the playful and willing side of your practice.
In regards to the balance in malasana I would suggest a block placed under your butt so you can broaden the sit bones and settle into the space. Steady the anchor and lift from the pelvic floor area, and at the same time draw the lower, outer ribs in initiating a deeper core connection. You can use the block for a few weeks, to settle into the hip flexors and soften the hips and initiate a deeper connection in balance and strength. Hope that helps.

GlassBeach 1 year ago

Tracy, whoa, the pelvic floor and rib connection just created an entire new body awareness experience in this posture. Not only am I (practically, almost, kinda) doing it, I'm not falling. An ENTIRE shift of energy, a different way of being in my body. Which is exactly what I need right now. My gratitude is filled with joy!