Elevate Day 3

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This class can be done as a stand-alone class or as day 3 in Fiji's 14-Day Yoga Challenge, Elevate. In this class, Fiji shows you how to gradually make your way towards key yoga poses like wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana) and halfmoon pose (ardha chandrasana). By teaching you how to work into these poses through three levels of progression, Fiji ensures that you will grow into them safely and effectively.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


sng4ever 2 months ago

Wonderful for all levels.
Detailed, thorough, and connection are the words that come to my mind.
Fiji is excellent as a teacher and guide.

Katherine F 2 months ago

Fiji, this is a question. Why would I be getting cramp like sensations in the muscles/ligament? around my hips/top of leg, front and side, when doing the leg balances in this class. ie the half-moon poses. I know there is a logical explanation, but wanted to hear yours. Thank you. I am enjoying this series. Everything everyone says about your excellent progressions and instruction is absolutely true. Thank you.

Fiji McAlpine 1 month ago

Hi Katherine,

This sounds like a hip flexor that is over active, which is common. Our hip flexor often grips when other muscles are not doing there job, core, glutes and quadricep should be doing the majority of the work in the leg balance. Try bringing awareness to turning them on a bit more!

lindseydahls 8 months ago

I am having trouble with the floor floating pose- it feels like my arms aren't long enough... Any tips?

Bemaya 7 months ago

Funny, I have trouble with that too and find it hard on my knees as well but had heard Fiji mention she has short arms - but mine are long so I thought that was why I have trouble with it.

Fiji McAlpine 8 months ago

Hi Lindsey,

I have short arm and find this hard too. Blocks can help under the hands, then more core strength will develop to tuck the pelvis up closer to the ribs.

Alexandra Balona 9 months ago

Thank you Fiji for this wonderful challenge. I feel better every day, millimetre by millimetre!

Foxy Roxi 9 months ago

I was able to smile and laugh at myself so much during this practice. Finding balance on one side and then falling out completely on the other. Attempting some of the seated binds were fun. Thank you Fiji for guiding me through both being focused on my drishti and being able to laugh whilst falling. Namaste.

jenna audrey 10 months ago

I really appreciated the positive encouragement about being patient, both with myself and in my life, it really rang true. The crazy floor-floating pose was definitely tricky but I pushed myself to at least try and I did it. haha millimeter by millimeter like you said. Gotta say though, which I had Fiji arms for that one. Thanks again! Looking forward to class 4 tomorrow!