Elevate Day 3

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This class can be done as a stand-alone class or as day 3 in Fiji's 14-Day Yoga Challenge, Elevate. In this class, Fiji shows you how to gradually make your way towards key yoga poses like wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana) and halfmoon pose (ardha chandrasana). By teaching you how to work into these poses through three levels of progression, Fiji ensures that you will grow into them safely and effectively.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


freshang23 1 month ago

I am so delighted that I saved this challenge for back to school time. What a perfect way to balance out the busy of this season. Thank you Fiji.

nadonado 1 month ago

Another deceptively laid back but sweat inducing practice. Love the detailed instructions and reminder to breath. Sounds simple but I keep forgeting to work on my steady breathing. Thank you.

sng4ever 2 months ago

Loved this MULTI - LEVEL practice and it was so refreshing to have Fiji discuss being present and being OK with whatever level is right for each of us. Millimeter Miracles :) - A great intention for today. Thank you , Fiji. As Always.

MHogan 2 months ago

Yay! A new challenge with Fiji! Unfortunately i am currently struggling with wrist pain which hinders my enjoyment of some of the poses considerably. Still love this nonetheless!

duroc017 2 months ago

I have to agree with others that this series is really great so far!! I've never had a personal trainer before, but I think Fiji is the closest thing to one I will ever have. All kinds of muscles are speaking to me since starting this series in a way that feels like these practices are building up strength really intentionally and effectively. I really appreciate Fiji's kind and patient tone of voice in these videos, and the fact that she offers up levels is nice too.

alevans 2 months ago

Really enjoying the challenge so far! Thank you. I found that 2nd deep core move extremely difficult to execute. Yikes!

Jhatt 2 months ago

Wonderful day 3, thank you. The balancing pose was particularly enjoyable.

ajfinnen 2 months ago

Thank you, Fiji for this Elevate series. I am in LOVE with the classes so far. You are a truly gifted teacher!!!

Paulette9 2 months ago

I am loving this ELEVATE challenge. I love the pace which Fiji is instructing at. It allows time to stay in poses and really honor oneself. I love the challenges and it is oh so exciting to actually achieve new and different poses! Thank you Fiji for truly elevating me!!!