Revolution: From the Inside Out

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
Average: 4.9 (43 votes)
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Learn to twist from the inside out in this playful vinyasa flow with Andrea. Access your core strength and draw energy inwards to help create new lightness and lift in twisting poses.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


jalani77 7 hours ago

What a fabulous unique flow! Perfect pace to find stability and strength in each and every pose. Excellent use of theme, I truly indulged in each twist from the Inside Out! Thank you so much for the class, I will be back!

lmroiter 14 hours ago

Fiery and focussed! I really enjoyed this class. Lots of great stretching but mostly I was challenged internally, as Andrea promised. Looking forward to more.

ladygwyneth 1 week ago

This was a wonderful class! Challenging for this older intermediate practitioner, but still doable, with a modification on the side plank. My only issue with the class is that you don't mirror us. Mirroring (i.e., saying "right" when you are using your left side) would make it just a little bit easier on my aging brain.....

What a nice session, I really enjoyed it. Please put up more lessons with this length! <3 Thank you Andrea, much love!

Cattails 1 week ago

Oh my gosh, Andrea, this was soooo wonderful! I feel so good now. You're a fantastic instructor!


mgf269 1 week ago

This class made my body feel so good. An intermediate vinyasa with so much wonderful stretching.

cirvine06 3 weeks ago

Wonderful flow! I love your cues, voice, and the sequence! Thanks for sharing.