Revolution: From the Inside Out

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
Average: 4.9 (58 votes)
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Learn to twist from the inside out in this playful vinyasa flow with Andrea. Access your core strength and draw energy inwards to help create new lightness and lift in twisting poses.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


LEIGH A TRIFARI 5 days ago

This was the second of Andrea's classes that I practiced. As always, Andrea guides you through a series of amazing poses with her gentle, self-effacing demeanor. When I found myself grimacing in a particular stance, she was there to say sympathetically "I know!", as if she could really feel my struggle! I laughed and fell out of my pose, but that's the fun of it, right? I won't give away any spoilers, but there's a stinger at the end. And a stinger for the stinger.......Savansana never felt so good!

peacefulness 2 weeks ago

My first class with Andrea. Won't be my last! A lovely class. Just enough challenge especially to build core strength.

terry.kelly125@... 3 weeks ago

I read that people described this class as beautiful and was intrigued. I have to concur! Beautiful and really gets into those deeper places. I also appreciate your very clear cues.

PaulinaCSV 1 month ago

What a beautiful class!! Thank you very much! I can't wait for the next practice.

lpyles 1 month ago

Enjoy your teaching style so much! This is the second of your practice that I have done. Each instructor that I add to my yoga practice challenges me in a different area. Definitely like the challenges your practices offer.

Julia Stoneway 1 month ago

This is such a lovely class and a wonderful teacher. I will definitely return to this one. Thank you so much!

Dyvonne 2 months ago

First time I do this class, and definitely one of my favorites. Your way of guiding through the flows is so nice :-)

LaurieLouise 2 months ago

Second time through this challenge. Doyoga with me makes my life richer. I am grateful to the hilt for your program. This particular class seemed really lovely to me this morning. Many thanks!!
Laurie R

Vaxwoman 2 months ago

Wonderful class! Great sequence, challenging at times but made accessible with offering options. Thank you, I will definitely come back to this class!

memarcy 2 months ago

I thought this class was wonderful. It was comfortably hard and challenging. There was a vibrancy in the poses and a sense of genuineness communicated by Andrea. I felt amazing after. Thank you! Also, I liked what was written in Andrea's profile.