Hippity Hips

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Who doesn't like a class that releases your hips? Crista's unique approach will not only do that - with style! - she'll have you doing foot balances, arm balances, arm binds, deep stretches for the shoulders, legs and lower back and, of course, core work. Her smile and fun energy will carry you through the many tough, challenging parts of this class, encouraging you to move, stretch and push your body to the limits in a thorough, satisfying way.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


barbkoch 1 week ago

Thank you. Pacing was just right, you prepared us for the poses, you loosened our hips. And for someone with perpetually stiff hips, you prepared us for pigeon -
the so called "easy" shape that isn't easy for me - it's still isn't, but it was much more accessible thanks to your instructions. Leaving the mat feeling better than when
I got on it.

orchard rachie 1 month ago

Fantastic class Crista, hips have never been as hippity! As a runner, I think this has done me a lot of good. I love your energy and general approach too. Thank you so much :)

Lharr04 1 month ago

Amazing--I felt stretches in my hips that I've never felt before!! Thank you!

Leahjoojoo 5 months ago

Absolutely love all of Crista's classes and I particularly enjoyed this one. So much fun and I really enjoyed the kicking... HA! Loved it and will definitely do it again even if I couldn't manage all the poses! Thank you Crista, you're a star <3

salexandre8@hot... 10 months ago

This is the funniest and the best video I’ve done !And I’ve done looooots !
You have a Mythical yoga ways ❤️

Cattails 1 year ago

I manged the peak pose one both sides without falling. First time doing the pose too. Amazing for me! ; ) I so love your classes, Christa. I always feel so refreshed afterwards and on an amazing high. Thank you : )

duroc017 1 year ago

Whenever I do one of Crista's practices for the first time, it's like I'm going on an adventure and I don't know what I might find. This one was no exception. The time flew right by, even with some of the tough stuff. I fell backward while doing the peak pose on my right side, but I managed the left side just fine. I'm eager to come back next time and see if I can master both sides!

vedalia 1 year ago

Thanks so much Crista for this amazing and creative class! I felt so fantastic afterwards (BIG yoga glow!!!). I would love to know the spelling of the posture at 32:32, I heard you say something like "kaliviravasana", but can't find any reference to in on the Internet. Could you please spell it out for me? It seems like a prep pose for, or variation of visvamitrasana. Thanks !

Hi there! Thanks for asking! The peak pose is a variation of Kala Bairavasana. In the full pose, you put your foot behind your head! Have fun!