Let it Fall Away

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Unwind, turn inward and together we will discover a little more about ourselves. In this power yoga practice with Tracey, we move through hip openers, honor the relationship between our hips and hamstrings, and playfully unlock the habitual layers of movement.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga, Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Anxiety/Stress, Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Strength


aylee 2 weeks ago

What a completely satisfying class, thank you again Tracey!

framela 3 weeks ago

This is blissfully challenging. I love Tracey's style and this is one of her best. It is rigorous, creative, and calming all at the same time. My FitBit put this one higher up in cardio than most (34 minutes), so that is also a bonus. A complete workout: mind, body, and soul. Thank you. Namaste.

cpoehlmann 2 months ago

What a great class. But I think it is more an intermediate III practice . I loved it, thank you Tracey.

deborahcb 2 months ago

Thank you, thank you. This was beautiful. Your words and movements spoke to my soul and my body today. My hips and my mind are more open.

ADavis1984 3 months ago

Thank you Tracey- you are teaching me the subtly of how to release and reach simultaneously.

JULIEANNE 4 months ago

I always love your classes. Encouraging, supportive and you have a lovely smile.
I'll keep coming back to this. Thank you

hollysansone 4 months ago

A sweetly-paced, challenging, and lovingly guided class. The transitions into some of these postures were novel and fun! I felt strong, safe, and interested while navigating through this practice. During the savasana at the end I was buzzing with energy and deeply sinking into the earth. 11/10. Thank you, Tracey

sng4ever 4 months ago

What an interesting practice and again, Tracey is such a wonderful teacher/guide for this practice.
You will move various part s of your body and have fun with , what I call, a peak pose.
The short savasana (corpse) pose at the end feels delightful after this practice.