Wring it In, Wring it Out

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Wring out the old and wring in the new in this class that is all about twists! Fiji will help you work up a sweat in this intermediate/advanced vinyasa flow that also incorporates a few fun arm balances.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


aw9918 6 months ago

Thank you for a beautiful, challenging class! A fantastic start to my day :) You are so talented and creative- thank you for all that you do!

yakb90 8 months ago

twisted crow is one of my faves. love how you build up to this peak pose:)

deborahcb 9 months ago

You take a twist practice to another level with your wise words. I will look for what I can let go of, what has already served me but is no longer needed. Namaste, Fiji.

Bjen111 9 months ago

Perfect level for me. Thanks so much for a wonderful class!

davidavram1 11 months ago

Fiji: I really value your guidance. I seek out your classes and invariably enjoy making the effort to rise to the challenges you present. I have one request, though: Those of us who have had a low-back issue are usually advised against deep forward folds. Would you consider building an alternative into your classes? Again, I love your work and am grateful for it.

Fiji McAlpine 11 months ago

Hi David,

Thank you for your kind words. Yes this is a great point, I will explore some options that might work and still keep you in the flow of the practice. One option that jumps to mind is sinking into chair pose, this also lets you get your hands on the ground easily to step back. Another option is to do ardha uttanasana or half way lift, this can be done with bent knees too and puts the spine in flexsion rather than rounding.

davidavram1 10 months ago

Those are exactly the alternatives I've been using, thanks for validating! So far I haven't blown out my back, at least. Thanks for the reply and all you do!

bettina.hamelin... 11 months ago

Amazing class. I have definitely let go of something here and feel lightened and fresh. Headache I woke up with is gone! Thank you Fiji:)

Yellowstone 12 months ago

Loved this class! I was not sure with all the twists, but it became the more the better. Loved Fiji's voice, words of wisdom and pace. Thank you.