Refine and Align: Side Plank

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
Average: 4.8 (37 votes)
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In this targeted vinyasa flow sequence, Andrea guides you to power up your shoulder girdle, wrists, hands and core to build a more functional and sustainable side plank (vasithasana).

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Maputo 1 month ago

I love Andrea's classes. I didn't have as much time as I'd like to have this morning, but Andrea always makes it challenging (with lots of options). Thank you for this wonderful class and all the positivity that you radiate, Andrea. One request for future classes is to provide more options for those of us who struggle with flexibilty. My hands can't go under my feet without bending my knees a lot.

SoniaM 2 months ago

This class was quite challenging yet felt gentle and patient. Due to an old injury, my left wrist has a hard time sustaining me in side plank. The exercises and directions on how to place my arm and hand helped with this tremendously. I also liked being given options throughout. Thank you Andrea. I look forward to more of your classes.

Yvonne138 6 months ago

I loved this class! It was my second class with Andrea and she is becoming one of my favorites! Thank you so much for this awesome sequence.

Lottiedawn 7 months ago

Wow what a beautiful class. This is my first class of Andrea's. Enjoyed every minute of it.

jwgrigri 8 months ago

My second class with Andrea. Bookmarking this one too. Looking forward to more. LOVE everything about it.

LucyHB 8 months ago

Fantastic, really warmed me up on a cold January day! Will be looking out for more Andrea classes :-)

nadonado 8 months ago

I enjoyed Andrea's poses and instructions, especially the flashing hands and wrists under pelvis to release wrist tensions. I will be doing for more Andrea classes if they are available. Thank you.

aw9918 8 months ago

LOVED this class! Was a little bit of a work out but left me relaxed and peaceful at the end.