Beautifully Bound

Beautifully Bound

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Explore arm binds with Fiji in this beautiful flow class, in which each section builds upon the one before it, leading to deeper openings in the body and a more comprehensive, full body release.

Equipment: Strap
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Mmmm. So good. All of Fiji's
TikiMan098 10 months ago

Mmmm. So good. All of Fiji's classes are so good... My shoulders approve! Legs were on fire, haha. Thank you from California!

Thank you once again Fiji! I
mireaux 1 year ago

Thank you once again Fiji! I love these classes where I feel like I'm going to my edge. Definitely didn't expect my quads to get such a satisfying challenge in a shoulder-focused class.

Cari_Yogi 1 year ago

Definitely a class I will revisit often. I feel light and free, open and relaxed :D Thanks so much!

Fifiyogi 2 years ago

This is an amazing class, I felt challenged both physically & emotionally, I laughed and smiled throughout and felt freedom in my shoulders and hips that I have never felt before

tamiserene 3 years ago

What is so special about Figi is that she recognizes that advanced classes do not mean a new position on every breath and a rapid flow but rather time spent in very challenging poses, getting into the breath and body. I have been practicing for 10+ years and have become very picky about classes. Every one of hers is fantastic and pushes in just the right way. And I agree that while this is about shoulders my legs are already very sore.
Thank you!!

I feel awesome!
mvisma01 3 years ago

This class was just right for me, challenging and I feel completely relaxed and re-energized! Thank you!

Amazing class
Dakota Drummer 3 years ago

Such amazing, skillful cues that flow effortlessly. I am amazed how a teacher can teach in this way while practicing at the same time. Nice subtle sound in background. Vigorous challenge that includes strength and flexibility. Thank you for this class.

A great challenge!
jen lombardi 3 years ago

This was my favorite of all Fiji's classes. Great layering to work you into those tough poses and her flawless instruction keeps you focused, without having to look at the screen much. And let's talk about how deliciously sore I was all over the next day! Thank you for another great yoga workout!

Love this
appleroses 4 years ago

My shoulders feel free-er now, this class works more than shoulders alone - legs, hips, core, everything. thank you so much!