Headstand Pose: Leg Strength and Flexibility

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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This is the second in a series of three classes that lead to headstand pose (sirsasana). Leg flexibility is a key component when moving into headstand, particularly the hamstrings. Flexible hamstrings allow you to more easily shift your weight forward onto your arms and head, and lift the weight of the legs with the core rather than swinging the legs up. Crista helps you establish this flexibility and strength so you can be ready for the final class, which takes you into the full pose. The first class in this series is Headstand Pose: Shoulders and Core and the third and final class is Headstand Pose: Full Pose and Variations.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga, Yoga for Strength


ylfaperry 5 months ago

Ummm, YES to the kooky sideways knee to elbow crunch!! What a tasty ticket to sweet sweet beginner’s mind! (Also, your tank top is awesome and I wants to have it).

Manjusri 9 months ago

Revisited this class after some time away, and adore it all the more! Deep bows of gratitude.

Manjusri 1 year ago

I adore this class, and the first one too. Between Christa and Tracey, I'm gradually progressing from an intermediate student of 20 years towards advanced, and it feels so fulfilling. Thank you so much.

Irishlove 2 years ago

I found an intense combination of leg strength, flexibility, foot and ankle flexibility, arm strength and flexibility, core, and coordination.... perfect. Thank you just the challenge I need on my healing journey. Namaste from Ireland.

New kind of hum... 2 years ago

I have done only the lower back classes with David for quite a while. And I am delighted that this class focuses on the legs, hips, lower back and strength. I am so happy to have found this to get back in shape after an injury that seemed to become chronic. My hips were extremely tight, pain in the legs when walking up the stairs, and lower back pain... The cues in this class were perfect, “Bring the awareness to you core and protect your lower back”, “Tighten your inner thighs to square your hips”. Thank you deeply!

Gingerpie 2 years ago

I love the lightheartedness and humor you add to your classes. This is also exactly what my legs need, thank you!

skplenge 2 years ago

Boy was this just what my legs and hips needed after Sunday’s marathon! Thank you!

yogasnunch 2 years ago

This class is fun and definitely a step outside of the norm! 10/10