Headstand Pose: Leg Strength and Flexibility

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Yoga for Strength
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Leg flexibility is a key component when moving into headstand, particularly the hamstrings. Flexible hamstrings allow you to more easily shift your weight forward onto your arms and head, and lift the weight of the legs with the core rather than swinging the legs up. Crista helps you establish this flexibility and strength so you can be ready for the final class, which takes you into the peak pose, headstand (sirsasana).


This was just what I needed
mysterycheez 2 weeks ago

This was just what I needed for my lower back and hips! Thank you!

¡Muchas gracias!
Mar Trejos 2 weeks ago

¡Me siento fenomenal, muchas gracias!

kriskbrowning24 1 month ago

Loved this class. My body and mind always feel better after your classes, Crista!

This was so great of a leg
ElisseAV 2 months ago

This was so great of a leg stretch after a long night of dancing!

coehennessy 2 months ago

That class was so great, Crista! Super stretches, and I love how you always offer levels for everyone. Some fun challenges, but never too intense. My legs and hips feel like a million bucks :)

Loved the stretches
Helen Alford 2 months ago

Another good class, I'm starting to find practice easier and more pleasurable all the time. I'm looking forward to the headstand practice tomorrow!

My runners' legs loved this!
LucyHB 2 months ago

Thank you Crista, this was a terrific class for my tired runners' legs, I'm at the last stage of marathon training and really, really appreciated this the day after my long run. Sweeeet hip openers too, as is so often the case with Crista's classes :-)