Backbending From The Base: Intermediate Class

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.7 (196 votes)
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This class is a shortened, intermediate version of Fiji's advanced class, Backbending From The Base. Fiji moves you gradually into deeper back bends, opening up the spine with care and attention to alignment.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Karolina Glab 1 month ago

Oh lord, such a beautiful session. Thank you! I almost cried so was I touched with music and poetry of the movement....I wish I wish so much to have courage and to let go what holds me back from doing what my heart whispers....

janets63 1 year ago

This class was amazing, my body feels so warm and wonderful and at peace. It was very intimidating but beautiful to watch Fiji doing her wheel pose, I actually know what to work toward now :)
I also liked that the class was pre-recorded, I find much easier to do a class that way. Thank you Fiji!

Archana 2 years ago

Thank you, Fiji, for helping me move forward, an inch by inch, surely and steadily to complete wheel: Purna Chakrasana.

LisaBuAnn 2 years ago

This was an absolutely beautiful opening flow!!! Thank you Figi you are amazing!!!

Melanie Lichtinger 2 years ago

Intuitively picked this class with Fiji today...
And even though the intro - amazingly beautiful and powerful! - was a bit intimidating ("is she taking us there???" "I can't possibly do this." "shall I even take this class?") - I felt it could be the perfect practice of working with Moon / Saturn (fear / protection / limiting beliefs and old stories) - a signature of the Full Moon tomorrow that invites us, like Fiji to start the journey - from the HEART - and go one step at a time, well rooted in the core of our being, and be gentle (Moon) and go as far as is appropriate for our body (Saturn). But all the openings and strengthening, and Fiji's firm and clear guidance and modelling (Saturn) took me so much further than I 'thought' (Gemini - Sag). Goes to show: Don't believe everything you think (a Gemini - Sag mantra :-) )!
And yes, Sagittarius pulls the arrow back to the HEART before aiming high!
This class had it ALL.
Woohoo - Big Gratitude for synchronistic Yoga Gifts! <3

Srividya 2 years ago

This is so amazing. Don't be intimidated by the first few minutes of Fiji's demo. She slowly gets you there while also taking you through a beautiful journey.

Srividya 2 years ago

I was very nervous to start after watching the intro. Fiji's backbends in the intro were beautiful. The class was challenging but do-able. I was slightly sweating through the vinyasa right before the wheel. I think that warmth helped ease into the wheel. Beautiful class and excellent pace. Thank you Fiji.

Maria Benfield 3 years ago

I really enjoyed this class for it's physical challenges as well as it's retrospective conclusion.