Rise to Power

Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Fiji's power yoga classes are tough. This particular class is not only tough, it's precise, focused and full of wonderfully deep poses and beautifully planned transitions. Experience Fiji's gift - her ability to guide you effortlessly through a very hard vinyasa yoga class, in a way that you rarely need to watch what she is doing. We love this class. We hope you will too.


Tough but FUN class!
SmileMore 5 months ago

Helpful cues, smooth transitions, challenging postures and joy all in under 40 minutes. Many thanks, Fiji!

Deliciously sore after three days
jessiebird73 5 months ago

I did this class on Tuesday (it is Friday) and have felt great since, and haven't had a chance to do another class since then. It was strenuous and beautiful; I felt like a sculpture. Perfect flow and rhythm. In the end, I felt as if I'd had a wonderful massage. And three days later, I'm still a little sore, in that really good way, where your whole body feels lithe and strong. Thank you!

Great class .. Loved the
Tlboyce 8 months ago

Great class .. Loved the challenge ✌️Thanks Figi

Complex yet simple
nadturg 11 months ago

Thanks for the great challenging class, it left me feeling powerful, yet grounded and peaceful.

Awesome class! Great
yogamomcanada 1 year ago

Awesome class! Great sequence into bird of paradise! Will do this one again! Thanks!

So good!
GKMiles7 1 year ago

Figi, you're the best. You encouraged me to reach further than I ever have! Thank you for a great practice.

Fiji - Big thank you for your
emmatran 1 year ago

Fiji - Big thank you for your classes. Living in London as a student get expensive with going to yoga studios to practice. You are the only one who can even remotely motivate me to practice at home on my own. You are amazing. Can't wait for you to put up some more classes.

Great class! Thank you, Fiji
ahhleena 1 year ago

Great class! Thank you, Fiji

Balance Poses
virginiajensen 1 year ago

Fiji's dialog and exacting instructions give me great confidence to do balance poses and hold them as I have never been able to do before. I am loving this video. There are poses I can only dream of moving into and then I either do some modification or hold warrior pose.
I haven's explored other videos yet. I have done this one 3 times now.
Thanks you to all the people who have created it and many thanks to Fiji.