Dontcha Love Hip Openers?

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
Average: 4.8 (69 votes)
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Do you have tight hips? Do you like to move, flow, bind and twist? Crista fills this power yoga flow with loads of hip openers, movement, flow, binds, strengthening and stretching. It's a satisfying, thorough vinyasa class that will leave your hips feeling open and alive!

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


ElenaLon 2 months ago

Great sequence. Challenging but satisfying , and a bit different.

Joesamurai 2 months ago

Thanks so much Crista. This was just what I needed. In fact, I think it’s my favorite of all classes I’ve done on this site. It’s intermediate, but not too difficult, and the instruction is perfect. I really like the comments about relaxing the mind as well as the body. With every breath, I felt the stress release from my body and the shivasana at the end isn’t rushed - perfect!

MariamS 4 months ago

This is an exceptional class Crista. The movements and poses are so dynamic and fun. The transitions are great too. And it's paced to feel so effortless even though you're doing so much. And I love when you incorporate such fluid movements in poses that are otherwise very angular. I loved it, thank you.

Anne15 8 months ago

You have taught me so much with this class! I have shorter arms and could never jump up to the front of the mat from downward dog. I noticed you tent your fingers before you jump, and when I tried this it gave me a couple of extra inches clearance and now I jump gracefully every time!! Also, you are the first instructor to mention that it's OK to have your heels a little off the ground when you do crow pose. I always struggled with this pose, but with my heels up a little I was able to do it and now my heels even sit on the ground most of the time. You are a very talented instructor. Thank you so much!

Taila 8 months ago

Amazing Class ! Amazing spirit for a enjoyable deep practice. Thank you very much Christa !

rubie218 11 months ago

One of my favorite practices on the site, by one of my favorite yogis! Thanks Christa, I needed that!

sylvieca 1 year ago

I always love Christa’s classes and this one doesn’t disappoint!
She sure knows how to get into those hips!
Thank you Christa