Moving Meditation II

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is an advanced intuitive flow full of standing balances, complex transitions, and binds. Fiji encourages you to listen to and follow the harmonised voice of your mind and body, and follow the guidance of your breath.

Equipment: None
Style: Power Yoga


Thank you!
ajfinnen 6 days ago

I LOVED this practice! Thank you, thank you!

Changed my mindset!
ajfinnen 1 month ago

When I woke up today, after saying, "thank you", I felt heavy, creaky, tired and daunted by my list of "things to do". I decided to try this class because of the title, even though I shy away from the advanced classes usually. I am so glad I did! I now feel light, airy, and even though my list hasn't shortened, I feel much more positive and capable! This is a challenging and wonderful class. It's so nice to have options when the more difficult poses aren't attainable, yet. Many thanks, Fiji!

Flowing Creativity
Melanie Lichtinger 1 month ago

So good to having challenged myself with this advanced flow practice with Fiji!
Even though my body wasn't up for some of the poses it was so inspiring to see where it can go, play with new forms and sensations, and take in Fiji's calm and strong modelling and guidance. As always, loved her ever newly creative flow / flowing creativity.
Will bookmark and revisit - see where it takes over time....

Definitely advanced but really fun and refreshing
YogiRiss 2 months ago

I also get very excited when a new Fiji class drops. I have been working my way back from an ACLR surgery and this was definitely a challenge. I had a great time, though, exploring my body, finding the limits and honoring where I'm at currently. It's a beautiful and fun flow--even if you fall over a few times like me :-)

Fiji never disappoints
bridgetfelix 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this amazing class. The setting was as if it was plucked right out of a dream, and Fiji's instruction was, as always, clear and gentle. I'll be coming back to this one often. Thanks again.

jbondor 2 months ago

Very empowering class with creative and fun transitions. I was blown away by the beauty of the setting and Fiji practicing it in. I normally do intermediate classes, but like to try out the advanced ones sometimes. It's a nice way to experience new poses -- sometimes I just stay in the first option or go back and wait in plank, but I always manage a few new ones. Very powerful feeling! I do admit to getting very giggly when Fiji said, "preparation for doing legs behind the head". I'm not quite there yet, but still a lovely practice. Always grateful for Fiji!

nice change
tamiserene 2 months ago

thanks Fji. I just love that there is no music, just my breath and focus and interesting transitions and holds, so different from the mainstream classes. i just trust I will be taken care of in your classes, and feel so good afterwards

LucyHB 2 months ago

Wow, what a beautiful class! Calming and yet still challenging. I'll be coming back to this one often. Thank you Fiji!

Happy you like it!
Fiji McAlpine 2 months ago

Hi Lucy,

I am so happy to see that you and many others are enjoying this practice. I have had many requests to do another moving meditation practice, I was happy to finally get it done!

A new favorite!
lpyles 2 months ago

This was my third day straight of doing this new class, just keep wanting to do it again and again. My mind and body both love this practice!!!