Moving Meditation II

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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This is an advanced intuitive flow full of standing balances, complex transitions, and binds. Fiji encourages you to listen to and follow the harmonised voice of your mind and body, and follow the guidance of your breath.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


carasummit 2 months ago

What a wonderful practice! Exactly what I needed after a day of online learning with both biological and non-biological students! I could have stayed in savasana for hours(: One of my favorite classes of yours, Fiji. Thank you! Namaste!

Marlee Franz 2 months ago

Thank you Fiji! Wonderful way to start the day. Namaste!

And much gratitude to you for offering your classes freely during this challenging time. Amazing! I have been recommending your site to everyone for years :)

duroc017 2 months ago

What a fun practice! I fell on my butt both times when trying to get back into downward dog from wheel pose, which felt joyful in itself. Something for me to work on for next time, right? I love the wide variety of poses in this, and the unique transitions of course. I will definitely come back to this gemstone of a video :)

freshang23 4 months ago

Holy smokes this is EXACTLY what I needed! Okay, want to ask a question though, I can finally hold Firefly (briefly) however, I have found that in order to elevate my legs- it is helpful for me to go on my fists, instead of flat palms. Is this common? Possibly due to body structure, or is it just a lack of necessary strength. I do have long legs, compared to my arms, so often it seems like leverage is not working in my favor. I would appreciate any thoughts. I don't want to be forcing a pose, just because I can. You know? Thanks much. Love this one Fiji. And I am excited to repeat this one after the 30 day challenge to see how I have shifted!

meh221 7 months ago

I keep coming back to this one. Love everything about it: pace, instruction, creativity, flow. Would love to see more just like it. Thanks, Fiji.

wanita 8 months ago

I haven't mastered all of these challenges but it's fun to try them. My husband will love this! I also love Fiji's nature settings. Thank you :)

Dnakagawa 8 months ago

Delicious moving meditation. A perfect antidote to a hectic work day, week....
The choices offered to ease into the more advanced poses are greatly appreciated. My body feels wonderful.

Thank you! Also, love the woods. So soothing.

ssubyogi 9 months ago

Just wow! Beautiful flow! I felt so energized and challenged in this moving meditation. I loved the play. I can't wait to be able to balance on my hands and cross my feet in front of me. Any suggestions to how to move into this one more easily? Would love more of these wooded advanced practices! Brilliant!

Fiji McAlpine 9 months ago

So happy that you love this one, it too is one of my favorite spots! The hand balance does come with time and play, practice it every week and you will be amazed at how quickly it unfolds. I like to make sure I am warm and open before going into it, and it helps to press your legs out with conviction to creat balance!

Catfish 10 months ago

Wow. My mind is absolutely blown. This class is as brilliant as it is both mentally and physically stimulating; I LOVE the transitions. Plus I just can't get enough of the forest classrooms. I don't know how Fiji manages to outdo herself, but... That's what she do.
Thank you! :)