Moving Meditation II


jbondor 3 days ago

Very empowering class with creative and fun transitions. I was blown away by the beauty of the setting and Fiji practicing it in. I normally do intermediate classes, but like to try out the advanced ones sometimes. It's a nice way to experience new poses -- sometimes I just stay in the first option or go back and wait in plank, but I always manage a few new ones. Very powerful feeling! I do admit to getting very giggly when Fiji said, "preparation for doing legs behind the head". I'm not quite there yet, but still a lovely practice. Always grateful for Fiji!

nice change
tamiserene 4 days ago

thanks Fji. I just love that there is no music, just my breath and focus and interesting transitions and holds, so different from the mainstream classes. i just trust I will be taken care of in your classes, and feel so good afterwards

LucyHB 5 days ago

Wow, what a beautiful class! Calming and yet still challenging. I'll be coming back to this one often. Thank you Fiji!

Happy you like it!
Fiji McAlpine 4 days ago

Hi Lucy,

I am so happy to see that you and many others are enjoying this practice. I have had many requests to do another moving meditation practice, I was happy to finally get it done!

A new favorite!
lpyles 5 days ago

This was my third day straight of doing this new class, just keep wanting to do it again and again. My mind and body both love this practice!!!

Great class with challenging transitions
bnpizzano 6 days ago

Wonderful class! Seamless flow with a few technically challenging but intuitive and playful transitions. This sequence will be fun to return to in order to master! Thank you for all that you do Fiji :-)

a quiet power
deborahcb 1 week ago

I am always excited when I see a new Fiji class. After this class I felt calmer and stronger. I loved the different sequences, the options you gave and your thoughtful words.

Calmer and Stronger
Fiji McAlpine 4 days ago

Hi Deborah,

I am happy that you are enjoying this new practice, calm and strong are two great feelings to bring away with you!