Foundations in Flow

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

This complete practice starts by warming the body, then progresses into a powerful flow, moving with the fluidity of your breath. The flow builds sequences from the earth up, while building core strength. The class ends by cooling the body with a deep relaxation.


Loved it!
lori onion 1 day ago

Especially liked toward the end on the floor mat, the pose were you crunch your shoulders together with your knees....

Amazing class, and what a
cleofrossard 6 days ago

Amazing class, and what a place!! The message at the end was really good also, and matched the scenery :)

Yoga art in motion

What an amazing class with an amazing effect!
Loved the gentle, focused, strong and clear focus Fiji offers, the camera, and beautiful aesthetic alignment with rocks, ocean, sky, and horizon, and Craig's meditative flute. A whole piece of art embodied - translating into inner Yoga art in motion and stillness. What a treat!
Seems to be from Fiji's earlier days of teaching, and DYWM's early times? Out of curiosity, when was it created?
Joining the more than 600 raving yogi fans since then.
Bookmarked into 'classics' (if there was such a section).

Re: Amazing class
David Procyshyn 1 week ago

Thanks, Melanie. What a great review of the class!
You're right... in fact, this was the VERY FIRST class that Fiji filmed, and yes it was during the very early days of DYWM. We were small and back then we certainly didn't think we'd become what we have become!

Wow, what a start into

Wow, what a start into something wonderful!
Big kudos to you all!
What year was that?

Great class Fiji. I enjoyed
Jagomez1952 3 weeks ago

Great class Fiji. I enjoyed it very much.

Best class ever have!
sindysisi 1 month ago

Thank you so much Fuji for another wonderful class. Love the flow, love the words you use and love the way you speak. Precise, confident and gentle. The music makes the video even better! Can't complain. Thank you!

Really enjoyed this class.
Jane53 1 month ago

Really enjoyed this class. Loved all the sequences and the way that Fiji guided them was perfect. Just enough information to understand what was coming next and to be able to keep the mind and body focused without getting caught up in detail. Just one negative, for me anyway - I don't mind the music in the background, but I felt that at times it got in the way - it could just be a bit quieter, especially at the beginning and the end, but otherwise a beautiful, peaceful practice. Thank you!

Fantastic workout!! Perfect
Ktrirogoff 2 months ago

Fantastic workout!! Perfect for my lunch break today

amarie73 2 months ago

My new favorite class and one I will continue to return to. Thank you Fiji.