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This complete practice starts by warming the body, then progresses into a powerful flow, moving with the fluidity of your breath. The flow builds sequences from the earth up, while building core strength. The class ends by cooling the body with a deep relaxation.


Good flow that warms the body
Pattylauthorp 2 weeks ago

Good flow that warms the body & builds core strength, thank you Fiji.

love love love
chopper 2 weeks ago

This was the first class I did a year ago and I still love it. It covers everything , and is nicely challenging . Fiji , it is such a blessing to begin my day with you!!

Perfect way to unwind
tmehdipour 2 months ago

So happy that this was my first class with DoYogaWithMe! I love the voice over and music; I almost fell asleep at the end!

Perfect way to start the day
Rbreid73 2 months ago

I really enjoy the intensity and positivity that comes from within when practising Fiji's classes. This has the perfect pace and intensity, with crystal clear instructions from Fiji throughout. Another of Fiji's classes to treasure.. thanks so much for sharing.

Steady, challenging flow
barbkoch 2 months ago

Just the right pace, just enough challenge, warms me up, makes me work and thank you, none of the distracting babble or annoying "urging on" - just clear instructions.
Thank you, Fiji.

Beautiful yoga session that
Niamh Madigan 3 months ago

Beautiful yoga session that filled me with light after a day of running around with two little boys! Thank you Fiji for bringing perspective to the end of my day! xx

I often find power yoga to be
RosalieJC 4 months ago

I often find power yoga to be a little too intense for me. But, I'm also open to try anything once, so I gave this one a go. I'm so glad I did. It is the perfect pace of power yoga, for those who aren't typically inclined towards power yoga. Thank you Figi!

My first video with
Pattylauthorp 4 months ago

My first video with doyogawithme! Thoroughly enjoyed it & balance moves give me a nice goal to move smoothly and strengthen my core.

Great class.
ssubyogi 4 months ago

I love the voice over with music. It really created a nice ambiance for flow. Figi is an excellent teacher and I learn something every time I practice with her. This was a slower, more deliberate class. I do like the faster flow, but great class with lots of heat.

Perfect balance of vinyasa
mgibsoncnm 4 months ago

Perfect balance of vinyasa flow with excellent teacher.