Foundations in Flow

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

This complete practice starts by warming the body, then progresses into a powerful flow, moving with the fluidity of your breath. The flow builds sequences from the earth up, while building core strength. The class ends by cooling the body with a deep relaxation.


Fantastic workout!! Perfect
Ktrirogoff 1 day ago

Fantastic workout!! Perfect for my lunch break today

amarie73 3 weeks ago

My new favorite class and one I will continue to return to. Thank you Fiji.

Great transition class!
reishilibra 1 month ago

As I am transitioning from beginner to intermediate, this class has been great. I am still unsteady in many poses, but challenging myself physically is helping me to feel stronger emotionally as well. Thanks Fiji! Also I absolutely love the music in this class, and the shavasana is one of the best.

One of the best on the site.
jwgrigri 1 month ago

This is a class I always come back when I want a solid, balanced challenging practice under 60 minutes. I love the smooth pace and clear instruction. Fiji's guided meditation during Shivasana is one of my very favorites on the site. It always gets me where I need to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. THE BEST! Thank you, Fiji.

great class
Dasha 1 month ago

Fiji, thank you for a beautiful class ! Good at the beginning and at the end of the day, smooth and strong. Images and music are amazing as usually. Highly recommended !

Thank you Fiji!
bauhinia 1 month ago

You are truly amazing teacher! Love every single of your classes, I repeat them from time to time and yet always find them challenging and mindful! Thank you!

Such a great practice - I'm
Emerot 3 months ago

Such a great practice - I'm transitioning into intermediate and there is plenty here to both encourage and challenge me. Thank you Fiji - you're wonderful!

This tutorial is fantastic! I
Lealy 3 months ago

This tutorial is fantastic! I loved the way it was done with a voice over and very nice and stimulating music in the background, also Fiji's voice is very beautiful and the practice in general! I feel very good! Thank you!

One of my favorite classes <3
sarah mantei 3 months ago

One of my favorite classes <3 Namaste Fiji