Renewing Power in Flow: Full Class

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.8 (158 votes)
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This full, 80-minute class is a vigorous flow that transitions from warm up to twists, to foot balances, then a well deserved relaxation. Fiji puts it all together in a beautiful class that is so characteristic of her amazing teaching style.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


lenagunnarsson 10 months ago

Dear Fiji, I love all of your classes but this one in particular since it really makes me sweat in a very transformative way. What other classes would you recommend for someone who wants a vigorous workout (along with all the other challenges and spiritual aspects).
Best wishes from Sweden

Fiji McAlpine 10 months ago

I am so happy you like this one, I have a few others that are similar in length and difficulty that you might like. Power and Precision, Beautifully bound, and Moving Meditation 2. Let me know what you think!!!

mattkrell 11 months ago

A longer class with longer holds and a wide variety of challenging poses.

A great class to grow your stamina, strength and flexibility.

Namaste from Salem,

I prefer original classes . More playfull with creative transitions and unconventional positions

acuddy 1 year ago

I come back to this class time and again, each time I learn something new and always end feeling energized and relaxed. Fiji's instruction is spot on!

loveofjoe11 1 year ago

What a great, challenging class!!! Fiji is definitely one of my favorite instructors on here.

Annie L 1 year ago

Great flow and perfect pace. A little bit of everything. A favorite!

jerihans 2 years ago

This may be my peak class. :) I found myself giving a few "HA!" breaths that may have sounded more like "ugh!" As usual, great class, great instruction and I will take this again and again until I can do it as smoothly (almost) as Fiji.

Kat Colorado 2 years ago

I am not quite there yet, but I tried and gave my best and it felt good to do so.