Renewing Power in Flow: Full Class

Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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This full, 80-minute class is a vigorous flow that transitions from warm up to twists, to foot balances, then a well deserved relaxation. Fiji puts it all together in a beautiful class that is so characteristic of her amazing teaching style.


great class!
mcnolan327 2 months ago

perfect class. Fiji has a lovely calming voice and gives great instructions and reminders for form. i find myself so relaxed in the middle of it, quite trance like, ready to do the meditation! thank you, Fiji!

Awesome workout
LucyHB 5 months ago

My, that's a killer workout for the legs! Really pushes your endurance and inner strength, in a really good way. I love the words in savasana too - this class helped me immensely a couple of years ago when a 'storm' was raging through my own life, and it's wonderful to come back to the class again now that the 'clean up has happened' as Fiji puts it. Inspiring stuff. Fiji is my yoga hero!

Great Class
Nick F 5 months ago

Really enjoyed the slow deliberate flow of this class and the challenge of the poses. Thanks Fiji!

I forgot about this class!
shumanfoo 7 months ago

I have not done this class for a few years. I do a fairly vigorous vinyasa flow maybe 5 days a week. So I feel like I'm in pretty good shape. But this class was a challenging sweater the whole way through . If you are looking for a yoga class that is well thought out and incorporates everything but the yoga kitchen sink then this class is for you. Thanks for this great flow Figi.

Deep and dark, but so delightfull
Gryogi 10 months ago

This class is probably the most challenging I've ever done and also the most rewarding! I have tinnitus and normally I don't notice it. But three times under this class it was activated very intensely. I'm wondering what happened there. Anyways, thank you Fiji, I feel really great now. Almost like a twister!

Great Workout and Encouraging Challenge
danaisdana 10 months ago

This class was a great workout! I can't do all of the poses yet, but Fiji's instruction is always easy to follow. I will definitely try this one again. Added bonus -- I was sweating through most of it!

Epic shavasana!
TikiMan098 11 months ago

Most amazing corpse pose ever after this practice. I felt like I could have stayed there for hours. Worth every minute.

I used to practice yoga

I used to practice yoga regularly, and after a long hiatus, have taken it up again. Finding this site has been great, and I have moved through some of the beginner classes, and at first I was feeling frustrated with my body for not being as flexible as it used to. But I have been building up my strength and patience again, which I think I lost when i stopped practicing. Slowly I have worked to this class, which I found challenging, but as I am still in the first variation of most of the poses, I look forward to seeing how I grow with this practice. Thank you for a lovely and inspiring class :)