Renewing Power in Flow: Full Class

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.8 (174 votes)
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This full, 80-minute class is a vigorous flow that transitions from warm up to twists, to foot balances, then a well deserved relaxation. Fiji puts it all together in a beautiful class that is so characteristic of her amazing teaching style.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Xiaoai 2 weeks ago

I think the tag of "Intermediate II" only refers to the levels of asanas, but not the intensity of the class... It's very much 'Fiji' ;)

Nahomes 2 months ago

I love Fiji but she was so chatty during this one it was a bit distracting for me

marlo85 6 months ago

This one had me sweating! I can always count on Fiji for a challenge. Thanks fam

Foxy Roxi 9 months ago

Well I am currently laying on the floor contemplating my life! 20 minutes in I am reflecting on my 3 years of practicing yoga questioning if I am even at an intermediate level. I love yoga and how it is both my life and a part of it. Fiji you have an incredible way with words and teaching yoga, very reflective. I will attempt to complete the class, smiling and resting where. possible. I have come along way and will not turn my back on my achievements, my goals and aspirations nor myself. Namaste.

yvette.marie 1 year ago

I'd forgotten how good this class is! We've had so many storms here and other stuff that needed I headed back to renewing power. Such a balanced and deep class, allowing for confrontation of resistance and discovery of strength. Thank you x

lenagunnarsson 2 years ago

Dear Fiji, I love all of your classes but this one in particular since it really makes me sweat in a very transformative way. What other classes would you recommend for someone who wants a vigorous workout (along with all the other challenges and spiritual aspects).
Best wishes from Sweden

Fiji McAlpine 2 years ago

I am so happy you like this one, I have a few others that are similar in length and difficulty that you might like. Power and Precision, Beautifully bound, and Moving Meditation 2. Let me know what you think!!!

mattkrell 2 years ago

A longer class with longer holds and a wide variety of challenging poses.

A great class to grow your stamina, strength and flexibility.

Namaste from Salem,

salexandre8@hot... 2 years ago

I prefer original classes . More playfull with creative transitions and unconventional positions