Renewing Power in Flow: Full Class

Vinyasa/Power Yoga

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This full, 80-minute class is a vigorous flow that transitions from warm up to twists, to foot balances, then a well deserved relaxation. Fiji puts it all together in a beautiful class that is so characteristic of her amazing teaching style.


Epic shavasana!
TikiMan098 11 hours ago

Most amazing corpse pose ever after this practice. I felt like I could have stayed there for hours. Worth every minute.

I used to practice yoga
absolutely_ainsley 1 month ago

I used to practice yoga regularly, and after a long hiatus, have taken it up again. Finding this site has been great, and I have moved through some of the beginner classes, and at first I was feeling frustrated with my body for not being as flexible as it used to. But I have been building up my strength and patience again, which I think I lost when i stopped practicing. Slowly I have worked to this class, which I found challenging, but as I am still in the first variation of most of the poses, I look forward to seeing how I grow with this practice. Thank you for a lovely and inspiring class :)

laurmcr 1 month ago

Just what I needed. A flow that is calming and challenging, I feel so light now.

Perfect start to my day
ErikaM34 3 months ago

Thank you Fiji for this strengthening flow sequence. I will definitely return to it in the future.

Fiji is an amazing teacher.
impossiblebreak... 3 months ago

Fiji is an amazing teacher. Her classes are strong, gracefully, and creative. I come back to them again and again, and they always leave me with something new and different no matter how many times I've practiced the same class. Thanks for being an amazing teacher, you are one of my favorites!

Amazing class with flow, clarity and conviction
kganga 3 months ago

I love this class because it has an amazing flow that builds up to a level of intensity that just feels right. Fiji's instructions are always clear, motivating, spiritual and with conviction that forces your mind to be present and connected. I love the way she takes you through a journey that always ends with a feeling of peacefulness, clarity and awareness of being rooted or anchored. Thanks Fiji.

Fiji- I love how much detail
canosjp 5 months ago

Fiji- I love how much detail you provide about each pose, not letting hips drop, find your challenge where it exists, etc. You are so motivating and your class is a wonderful blend of very basic instructions combined with challenging yoga. Just what I was looking for! Thank you!!

ChiroMom 9 months ago

As always Fiji's instruction is precise, clear and gentle while guiding us through a rather challenging sequence.

makes my mind like water
yogamattspe 11 months ago

Fiji has such a poetic way of providing instruction that gets our body in the pose and deepen our awareness on an emotional and spiritual level. I love the way that she connects the movement to metaphor, like growing a seed or feeling the strength of roots in a tree.

This is a slower paced flow than a typical vinyassa, but that does not mean easier. She takes us deliberately through Sun A and then Sun B, connecting breath with movement to build heat and then into some challenging twists. We always have the option to amp it up and Fiji offers variations quickly without detracting from the flow. I found myself, an experienced practitioner, feeling challenged. We can always go deeper with this kind of practice, or back off depending on what's calling us. To me that makes this a very well rounded class.

As Fiji says, we cannot control the weather but we can become stronger in our base, and then we can be amazed at what remains after the storm. So much gratitude and love for sharing this gift with us, Fiji. Namaste

What a wonderful, empowering
Jennymitchell 1 year ago

What a wonderful, empowering and cleansing class. Fiji is such a fantastic teacher and for me her classes offer just the right level to challenge and inspire. Thank you so much Fiji. I look forward to many more of your classes!