Glute Blast

Josh Chen
Instructor Josh Chen
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This practice with Josh is a strong vinyasa class to wake up your glutes. We will open and strengthen the hips in poses like half moon and side plank. Stronger options will be offered.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


laineh 1 week ago

After months of going back to beginner classes while I nursed a shoulder injury, this was a very welcome class. I loved the flow and clear instructions from Josh. I felt strong and balanced and enjoyed his sense of playfulness. I also look forward to seeing more classes from Josh. Thank you!

PeacefulRN 2 weeks ago

Really love Josh's style - mellow delivery with excellent cues. Also really appreciate his use of blocks. The guidance for top leg alignment in Half-Moon made a huge difference for me, as well as the cues to use the heels to engage the glutes. I know I will be feeling this class in my hips/glutes tomorrow. Thanks, Josh!

Sue Tonin 3 weeks ago

An absolute revelation, thank you Josh. Your teaching style is wonderful and awareness of the heels brings a whole new stability. :) very important class.

SMZalokar 3 weeks ago

Warm of body and mind, thank you for another fantastic class, Josh. Keep them coming!

nadonado 3 weeks ago

Fun Class. I didn't even know what glutes are now I'm working it. I enjoyed the pace and clear instructions. Sometimes I like having a new instructor whose methods are new to me, and the slight twists and variations keep things interesting. I will look for more Josh Chen Classes. Thank you.

mdelloch 3 weeks ago

This was my first class with Josh - I really enjoyed it. Clear instruction and I feel stronger and stretched out afterwards.

zoeg 1 month ago

This was a great class! I felt steady and calm even through the challenging parts. Josh really brings a sense of ease to the practice and it went by so quickly. I'd love to see more intermediate strength-building classes from Josh!

JulieBonner 1 month ago

Amazing class, I love that Josh uses the blocks, sometimes I feel guilty for grabbing them in tough posses. Excellent instruction. I look forward to seeing more classes by him.

Hady 1 month ago

Thanks Josh, wonderful practice! I noticed that you are not listed in the „teacher“ section on the DYWM website. Would be wonderful to fix that so that I can search more of your sessions.