Jivamukti: Fast and Fierce

Jonni-Lyn Friel
Instructor Jonni-Lyn Friel
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Jonni-Lyn takes you through a Jivamukti Yoga-inspired flow that gets your whole body working! With quick transitions and very little rest, this invigorating class really lives up to its name!

Equipment: None
Style: Jivamukti


HellaDerek 1 month ago

This was really great, thank you! Just what I needed on this hectic day.

Archana 6 months ago

On the mornings when it is busy and very easy to say, I don't have time today, this practice has come to rescue me. Thank You, Jonni! Only advice I would give to practitioners is that believe when she says fast and fierce. It is so, in a very good way. Even if you are a seasoned practitioner, it will help to watch it first, just to know how quickly asanas merge from one to other. I love it! Thanks-a-bunch, Jonni!

nadonado 10 months ago

Fun quick paced whole body movements. Love it. Thank you. The varieties of classes on Do Yoga With Me is very helpful.

ag329 1 year ago

Boom! Good class! Thank you for this quick and effective class. Especially thankful for your clear instructions because I don't wear my glasses when doing yoga. Easy to follow, :)

homo-owners 1 year ago

Try different browsers. Try chrome, safari and then another. It's a compatability issue.

jennydyring 1 year ago

Hi David, I think it's my very old iPad, unfortunately. There're no 'buttons' to click, so I just have to tap around in the centre of the video, and sometimes it clicks on. (A new iPad/tablet for Christmas I hope!) It works okay on my newer desktop PC though, thanks.

David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hmmm... yes, it does sound like your ipad doesn't support our video player anymore. I'll cross my fingers for you to get a new one!