Jivamukti: Fast and Fierce

Jonni-Lyn Friel
Instructor Jonni-Lyn Friel
Average: 4.9 (19 votes)
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Jonni-Lyn takes you through a Jivamukti Yoga-inspired flow that gets your whole body working! With quick transitions and very little rest, this invigorating class really lives up to its name!

Equipment: None
Style: Jivamukti


cirvine06 6 days ago

Good class! Reminded me a bit of Ashtanga but obviously different, so good variety.

mkposky 2 weeks ago

First new teacher I have tried in a while - usually stick to a couple favorites. I was pleasantly surprised with this practice. A fast-paced flow that incorporates many aspects of "fierce" including breathing exercises, powerful poses, and powerful words.

GlassBeach 3 weeks ago

I love your teaching style and your asanas. I appreciate the direct instruction with a touch of philosophy for thought. I'm able to soak in the mind/body experience at this pace. Much gratitude.

aw9918 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the great class! Fast paced but made me feel way more present by the end of it. Great class if you only have 20 mins!

ag329 3 weeks ago

quick and effective-just what I was looking for. thank you! :D

spoonerb7 3 weeks ago

Perfect! I had very little time but this practice gave me a great burn and a great stretch! Namaste!

Melanie Lichtinger 3 weeks ago

Fast & fierce was the Yoga Medicine of the day. Jai Kali!
Great class and energy.
Will tune into more of Jonni-Lyn's offerings here - and maybe in person in Victoria.

freshang23 3 weeks ago

This was a fun pick me up. Both in my body and spirit. I am feeling just better about things. Great way to make the most of 20 mins if you ask me. Thanks Jonni-Lyn for a delightful experience.

kapkap 3 weeks ago

Thanks for telling us about Kali! What a wonderful contrast and comparison to the Western way of considering cut off heads. Your practices are very helpful in expanding past the physical.

jmitton 3 weeks ago

Lively and invigorating; perfect for getting the body and spirit moving!