Core Team

David Headshot PNG

David Procyshyn (he/him)

Chief Executive Officer (aka Master of Tomfoolery)

David is DoYogaWithMe's founder. Back then, in 2009, you could find him setting up camcorders and a yoga mat at the local park. As DoYogaWithMe grew, he happily passed on the videography and grew into the role of CEO, helping guide the company's vision, mission and strategy, and building a social purpose business with a creative, playful and kind-hearted team.

He spent much of his life learning about his body, mind and natural environment. He completed a degree in Ecology at McGill University in 2000, a Massage Therapy Certification in 2000 and a Yoga Teacher Training Certification in 2004. He has continued to explore mindfulness through meditation retreats and anatomy through courses and educational tools.

David lives in Victoria, BC, Canada with his wife, son, step-daughter, two cats and 6 chickens. He loves music, hiking, playing board games, and hockey and eating good food. He's an introvert at heart who thrives on personal connections with friends and family, and does his best to live sustainably.

Sean Headshot PNG

Sean Procyshyn (he/him)

Chief Financial Officer (aka Old-School Ninja Shaman)

Sean - David's brother - was the first to join David, and was the force behind the creation of the DoYogaWithMe's second website many years ago. Sean is now the CTO and spends much of his day turning the team's vision into reality, solving technical problems and supporting everyone with warm encouragement and grounded, solid business advice.

When he isn't in front of a computer, he loves to be outside in nature spending time with his family, on the beach or hiking the wonderful trails on Vancouver Island. He loves to travel, eat the many amazing cuisines of the world and relax with a good book. He’s also been known to get a bit emotional about his favorite sports teams - David occasionally joins him to watch a game!

He lives in beautiful Brentwood Bay, British Columbia with his amazing wife, two sons and dog Cooper.

Fiji PNG Headshot

Fiji McAlpine (she/her)

Director of Product Development (aka Mary Poppins with a Mat)

Fiji was the first teacher to join DoYogaWithMe back in 2009. She was teaching at the same studio as David and was so taken by his vision - to offer free yoga to the world - that she had to be part of it!

She is an RYT500 yoga instructor with diverse training, 15 years of teaching experience and many years leading Yoga Teacher Training. Her strong vinyasa-based practice, rooted in Ashtanga and Jivamukti, has evolved to incorporate many other limbs. Her teaching is ultimately driven by her constant curiosity to learn.

She is a big part of the student experience, filming classes, teaching retreats, leading YTT courses, leading content development and answering questions on the forum. She loves connecting with people and strives to make your experience transformative.

Fiji is a kind soul with a big heart. She loves nature and wants there to be pristine, wild spaces for her children to be able to explore and enjoy, as she has. She loves hiking the local mountains, swimming in the rivers and lakes near her home, reading, and cooking. She lives with her two children in British Columbia's Cowichan Valley, by the sea and surrounded by trees. Heaven on earth!

Clare PNG Headshot

Clare Nicholls-D'Souza (she/her)

Technical and Community Support (aka Wonder Woman)

Clare wears many hats at DoYogaWithMe. Her main role is to support you, our community, with whatever questions you may have. Her sensitivity, care and attention to detail is vital in providing the support you need. It's also crucial in her role in our team, since she is instrumental in ensuring that things behind the scenes are running smoothly by problem-solving and providing valuable insight. She is gifted with information technology and is always curious to learn more.

Clare was ultimately drawn to DoYogaWithMe because of the mission. It's important to her to contribute her energy to a company that aligns with her personal values. Clare loves her job because she loves helping others, particularly those who lack the resources to pay for yoga.

During her free time, you can find Clare up in the mountains discovering new look-outs, exploring the city or simply spending time with her family. She currently resides in Calgary, Alberta with her partner, young son and dog, Jax.

Jeff PNG Headshot

Jeff Custeau (he/him)

Head of Media Production (aka I press buttons on cameras)

Jeff is DoYogaWithMe's Head Videographer/Photgrapher and Editor. He discovered yoga while recovering from a back injury in 2016, rebuilding strength and mobility while also appreciating the mental benefits. Since then, yoga has become part of his daily routine beyond recovery.

With a passion for videography cultivated since his youth, Jeff embarked on a professional career in 2010. His diverse portfolio spans documentaries, web series, short films, and even live sporting events. This offered him invaluable experience in various filming styles and settings, each with new challenges and obstacles. Through his work, he has mastered the art of storytelling on screen, empowering small businesses and local politicians to share their stories with the community.

At DoYogaWithMe, Jeff thrives in outdoor settings, scouting picturesque, tranquil locations in nature for filming sessions. He loves to film with different instructors, collaborating to bring their unique teaching styles to life, ensuring each class resonates authentically with viewers.

Beyond the lens, Jeff is a dedicated musician, lending his talents to his band as a vocalist for over a decade. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, he explores the scenic landscapes of Vancouver Island (it’s research!) whenever weather permits. Above all, Jeff cherishes weekends spent with his family, being active, cooking great food, and going on adventures.

Kehinde PNG Headshot

Kehinde Sokeye (she/her)

Technical and Community Support Assistant (aka Pocahontas)

Kehinde provides support to the DoYogaWithMe team in many ways, including admin, content creation, tech and community support. She is an enthusiastic, fast learner who has an endless curiosity for life.

Kehinde believes in the saying "tough times never last, but tough people do". Growing up, her curiosity and love for communication opened up many doors and connected her with a variety of different people. It also led her to enroll in a prestigious film school where she produced a short horror movie entitled OGUN (Inheritance), which she is quite proud of.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Bowen University and is certified in Project Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Kehinde is an identical twin and has a two-year-old niece who won't be two any longer, as she grows up very fast!

Rachel PNG Headshot

Rachel Scott (she/her)

Director of YTT (aka Master of Nerdiness)

A yoga teacher trainer, educator, and author, Rachel loves helping her students uncover and express their voice, passion, and potential. Her classes are fun, feisty, and inspired and her instruction is clear and precise. She is known for her passion for anatomy, which includes a keen attention to alignment and detail.

As the Program Director for DoYogaWithMe's 250-hour YTT, she loves helping students skillfully develop their teaching voice so that they can share their passion for yoga. She is particularly gifted with communication and education, having been an actor in a previous life (and can be occasionally found still singing opera today!).

She has contributed to Yoga International, the Huffington Post, Half Moon, and taught at the Omega Institute, Wanderlust, the Victoria Yoga Conference, and more. Her published books include: Wit and Wisdom From the Yoga Mat (2017), Head Over Heels: A Yogi's Guide to Dating (2018), Speedy Yoga (2019), The Little Book of Yoga Practices (2020), and Yoga To Stay Young (2020). 

Born in New Hampshire, she has lived in New York City, San Francisco, Vancouver, and most recently, Colorado. 

Murdock PNG Headshot

Jeff Murdock (he/him)

Media Production Assistant (aka Resident Beardo)

Jeff Murdock (known to his colleagues as 'Murdock') shoots and edits videos with the other Jeff. He inherited an interest in photography from his dad, learning how to develop B&W photos in their darkroom and splicing 8mm film in their basement. After several decades in aviation and transport management he decided to pursue photography professionally and started a real estate photography business. 

Murdock began working with DoYogaWithMe as an assistant on outdoor shoots with Jeff, and has progressed to editing videos. It has been a great career change for him; he has found a creative and exciting craft that he truly loves and is thankful to work with a talented, kind, and thoughtful team.

Murdock grew up in Vancouver and currently lives in Victoria with his wife, Juli. Among his passions are music, motorcycles and travel. 

Teresia PNG

Teresia Mugure Nduta (she/her)

Video Reviewer and Quality Assurance (aka Lioness of QA)

Teresia joined the DoYogaWithMe team in early 2023, taking on the important role of watching our videos with an eagle eye and well-attuned ear; ensuring our classes are brought to you looking and sounding their best.

Teresia was introduced to DoYogaWithMe by Murdock's wife, Juli, who met her through Mothers Fighting for Others, a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to improving girl's education in Kenya.

Teresia is a recent graduate of Maasai Mara University, completing a bachelor of arts degree, with honors, in sociology. DoYogaWithMe is pleased to be a part of her career path. Teresia resides in Nairobi, Kenya.


Gina Wicentowich (she/her)

Data Marketing Analytics

Gina is the Data and Marketing Analytics Consultant at DYWM. She is a marketing analyst-meets-avid-researcher, having completed a Master of Journalism degree. It was during her hectic grad school schedule that she discovered a love for yoga, helping her maintain mental balance. In addition, she enjoys boxing, pilates, and trying to make the perfect cappuccino.

She lives on Canada’s west coast in Victoria, BC with her partner, frequenting many of the fantastic restaurants and local wineries the island has to offer.

Sarah G Headshot

Sarah Grocutt (she/her)

Email Marketing (aka BritMailer)

Sarah oversees much of the email marketing efforts at DoYogaWithMe. A former teacher, she transitioned into email marketing after being approached to write campaigns for an educational company. Since then, Sarah has worked with various clients in different sectors including coaching, photography, and travel. She is driven to create content that inspires and empowers people to embrace happier and healthier lifestyles.

Sarah takes genuine pleasure in blending her own personal passion for yoga with her professional role, and is grateful to work with such an amazing team here at DYWM. She lives in Greater London, UK with her partner and two children and loves to experience the natural beauty of the outdoors - even in the face of the unpredictable British weather.

Julia Crouch

Julia Crouch (she/her)

Social Media Creator, Content Writer & Editor (aka The Globetrotter)

At DoYogaWithMe you'll find Julia in many creative roles: social media production, blogging, editing and teaching. These avenues for expression suit her well, as Julia has always been an extremely creative person with an inextinguishable desire to learn. She studied design and fine arts for most of her younger years, earning a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia in Art History and Geography in 2008. Since then she hasn't stopped learning - much of which is touched on in her teacher's bio. 

For Julia, working with DYWM was a dream come true after years spent recommending their classes to her students. It wasn't until the pandemic hit that she set out to film and edit her own yoga program, with a goal to share quality prenatal classes with the world. After much headache during the editing process, she presented her classes to David, who brought her into the DYWM family. The rest is history. 

Now she puts her creative writing skills to work for the website, and continues to reach farther abroad by sharing her yogic love and values through the social media department. 

Julia loves to travel and is a bit of a rolling stone (it must go with the creative spirit!) so has lived, travelled, and taught all over the world. She currently resides in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband, two boys, and puppy. Nutrition, nature and various sports sum up just a few of her other passions. Many of her happiest times involve returning home to the Westcoast to film with her favourite people. 

Angela Headshot

Angela Lazova (she/her)

Content Writer (aka The Zen Pen)

Angela combines her love for yoga, psychology, and neuroscience to write articles that dive deep into the mind-body connection. She caught the yoga bug in 2015 and, three years later, became a certified yoga teacher, earning her CYT 200h from Yoga Alliance International.

But Angela isn’t just about the poses or the science; she’s on a mission to help others understand themselves more deeply. Writing content is a way for her to share her knowledge and accompany others on their journey of self-discovery, hopefully making it a little easier.

In her free time, Angela's curiosity for life finds her either nose-deep in the latest neuroscience research or out volunteering at animal welfare centers. Either way, she's all about making a difference—whether it's on the mat, in the lab, or out on the streets of Berlin.

Dean Edwards

Dean Edwards (he/him)

Content Writer (aka Martial Arts Master Who Can Also Fix Your Back)

Dean enjoys one-on-one interactions, being creative, and helping others to help themselves. He’s delighted to be a part of DoYogaWithMe’s journey.

He has been writing and editing professionally for 20+ years, including fiction inspired by years of dream journaling and scary movies. He worked as co-ordinating editor for a blogging company, managing a talented team of writers. And his favorite non-fiction collaborations include books on how to remember dreams, the SMART goals technique, and developing emotional intelligence.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Writing, a certification in massage, and qualifications in webmastering and business, all of which he uses pretty much daily. 

When he’s not setting up two monitors somewhere quiet, he enjoys writing fiction by hand, making electronic music and audio, and meditating. He’s no stranger to yoga and is a keen martial artist with experience in various styles, including ju-jitsu, kickboxing, and a self-defense system based on karate. 

Where? A small village in the south of France. 

Trees. Wildlife. Words. No complaints.