Sukha Flow Class

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Tracey teaches from her heart, with a delivery that is fun and infectious. Considering how tough her classes are, this takes some serious talent. She engages her students with a big heart and a sparkle in her eye as she pushes you hard - to move through your blocks, push your boundaries and sweat!


Triumph and Arrival
Catfish 1 month ago

It's really hard to find better words to describe how Tracey always both challenges me *and* makes me feel more confident than ever... But that's just exactly it. I've been eyeing this class for quite a while, wanting to take the next step toward more advanced practices but feeling timid and fearful that my confidence would be smashed. But, somehow I feel like I knew that Tracey was just the teacher to follow forward. What's more, I knew that there would be one of those incredibly intimidating headstands along the way (didn't realize there'd be two - HA!), but then... There I was. Just doing it. And all the rest of it, too!
What an ecstatic feeling. Smiles all the way. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts, Tracey!

Really amazing class! Just
cleofrossard 2 months ago

Really amazing class! Just one comment: I love the peace and softness of your voice Tracy, but sometimes I get lost in the class because your voice kind of fades away! (And I was watching on the max volume of the computer)

Such an amazing class! I love
nkusakah 3 months ago

Such an amazing class! I love Tracery Noseworthy's yoga classes on DYWM and this one is one of her best! Truly rung out my spine and opened up my hips. Very energizing!

Sukha Flow
cjb0290 3 months ago

I come back to this class time and time again! So beautiful! Thank you, Tracey!

Thank you so much. I love
nicolette.h 7 months ago

Thank you so much. I love this class! It's challenging but never overwhelming, thanks to Tracey's reassuring voice, and I always finish feeling relaxed and encouraged. :)

Tracy you are a gift. I am
rlafgeb 8 months ago

Tracy you are a gift. I am calm AND energized. Great transitions

Thank you so much, this was a
Jennifer Ament 9 months ago

Thank you so much, this was a really really great class very complete and truly wonderful teacher.

True to the beauty of yoga
aliarama 11 months ago

Namaste Tracey. This is the 1st online video that I found to be truly nourishing and true to the beauty and art of yoga. I really do love the softness in your voice and the ease in which you guide us through not so easy asanas. But you reminded me that advanced does not mean jumping non stop, but it mean to respect yourself by balancing challenge towards progress and maintaining sukha through the way on all the 5 layers.
I hope to be able to transmit that to my students one day.

Beautiful Class
camilleyoga 1 year ago

This class provided a deep stretch and relief for my aching back. I loved this class, and it was just the right pace for me today. I would say that I did not find it particularly challenging given that it is rated as advanced, but it would be very easy to add your own variations and make it harder.