Sukha Flow Class

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Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
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Tracey teaches from her heart, with a delivery that is fun and infectious. Considering how tough her classes are, this takes some serious talent. She engages her students with a big heart and a sparkle in her eye as she pushes you hard - to move through your blocks, push your boundaries and sweat!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Paulette9 1 week ago

I have been doing classes with do yoga with me for a long time and I LOVE Tracey! BUT, I have never done this class. How could I have missed it??!!! It exemplifies Tracey's beautiful style and beautiful words! The flow is wonderful and the variety of poses is great. I left me feeling as if I were at one of Tracey's yoga retreats!! Thank you, Tracey!!!!

scroggleggs 2 months ago

This class left me with a sense of strength, calm, and peace. Thank you Tracey for another beautiful class.

another one to bookmark
MariamS 3 months ago

Thank you! A class with a steady pace, and good balance of twists and stretches.

Soothing, joyful
framela 3 months ago

This is such a soothing advanced flow. Exactly what I needed getting ready to travel for the holidays. As always, Tracey brings a great sense of joy to the practice, leaving me feeling like a better version of myself after. Namaste.

Tracey is the bomb
ancoracora 5 months ago

Namaste! Loved the little wooden 'Joy' in the end - it was like a personal note from Tracey and revealed something very endearing about her personality.

My favourite class
Nora BM 6 months ago

I keep coming back to this one and it never fails to leave me with a huge grin on my face. I have just recovered from an injury which didn't allow me to do challenging classes, and it is amazing to feel that "the body remembers" (one of your quotes). Namaste!

Loved the class but....
karen77ca 10 months ago

This was a good challenge. Pushed me but not too hard. However, I found the background music way to distracting, that's just me! :)

Loved the eagle arm sequence
Fuder 11 months ago

Loved the eagle arm sequence of positions. Definitely a repeat class, thanks!

Nice Flow
Smudge 1 year ago

Nice Flow, but the low volume made it very hard to hear Tracy.

I love Tracey
Sei Sen 1 year ago

This class was a-ma-zzzzzing ! I still feel the long lasting joy effect and I am so grateful to Tracey for this. As a part of the "beginner to intermediate" program, I first thought it would be to advanced for me but Tracey created such a great flow, both simple and challenging, that it leads me to the most complex asanas with ease. I headstood, I crow posed, I floated and I wheeled as if it was natural to me. O the joy ! It was incredible... Namaste Stacey, I owe it all to you.