Pigeon Play

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Find new space in your outer hips and IT bands in this intermediate/advanced vinyasa flow with Fiji. Wonderful for runners and other athletes, this class will have your hips singing with joy!

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


NicoleMorin 1 week ago

My boat pose was so strong my feet just floated right up there after all the playful hip work, thanks Fiji! Great class for me. Namaste

MariamS 4 weeks ago

Loved the playful warm up in this one. And the gradual, extended moves leading into pigeon.

Sharonjm 1 month ago

That was great. We are into nearly two weeks of lockdown here in Spain and your classes, which I do daily, are really helping me get through it. Thank you Fiji, and thank you DoYogaWithMe for making all these new classes available. It makes a huge difference. Namaste.

RaquelP 2 months ago

Awesome class for runners. Loved that walking pigeon!

A. Curtis 2 months ago

This was wonderful - perfect balance of deep and gentle

bpowereaton 2 months ago

As a runner, I struggle to release the tension that builds up in my hips. Thank you so much for this fun and challenging, yet relaxing practice. This, along with many of your videos, will become a go-to! Any chance you'll be working on a video for strengthening the pelvic floor?

sng4ever 2 months ago

Fantastic! That is all I can say. This will make you feel wondderful!