Pigeon Play

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (61 votes)
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Find new space in your outer hips and IT bands in this intermediate/advanced vinyasa flow with Fiji. Wonderful for runners and other athletes, this class will have your hips singing with joy!

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Namaste713 2 days ago

Thank Fiji. After 4 hours of mountain biking with a couple thousand feet of uphill that was exactly what the hips and legs needed. Namaste!

Archana 1 month ago

What a nice release! I had such a dull energy and tighness in my LE today. This class fit perfectly for that. BTW, love your hair, Fiji!!

doubletwizzle 1 month ago

Wow! After 30 miles of running this week my hips and IT bands really needed all these pigeon variations! This practice is a must if you are a runner!

NicoleMorin 2 months ago

My boat pose was so strong my feet just floated right up there after all the playful hip work, thanks Fiji! Great class for me. Namaste

MariamS 3 months ago

Loved the playful warm up in this one. And the gradual, extended moves leading into pigeon.

Sharonjm 4 months ago

That was great. We are into nearly two weeks of lockdown here in Spain and your classes, which I do daily, are really helping me get through it. Thank you Fiji, and thank you DoYogaWithMe for making all these new classes available. It makes a huge difference. Namaste.

Htomory 4 months ago

An excellent, energizing class! Feeling great.

RaquelP 4 months ago

Awesome class for runners. Loved that walking pigeon!