Yoga Challenges

CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO PRACTICE DAILY. Yoga challenges are meant to push your limits, physically, mentally and spiritually. If it's designed well, the specific sequence of daily classes will strengthen and stretch your body in a holistic way, helping you feel lighter, stronger and more at ease.

Starting and maintaining a daily yoga practice is difficult for anyone, so our challenges are thoughtfully designed to provide an easy start, welcome breaks and deeply satisfying ends. You may find that a daily yoga practice will help you shift toward a happier, healthier, more joyful way of living.

Visit our forum if you have questions or would like to share what you've done. Have fun!

Improve Your Flexibility for Busy People

Intermediate 30 Days 10-23 min/day

This program is designed for the busy mom, the busy dad, students who study all the time, people who work too much and generally anyone who doesn't have a lot of time available in the average day - and want to improve their flexibility. 30 days, 30 classes, each less than 20 minutes!

Get Strong! Whole Body 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate 21 Days 20-75 min/day

If you are looking to strengthen your entire body in a thorough, balanced way - including your arms, shoulders, core, hips and legs - this yoga challenge may be the best thing you could do. It's a tough challenge, since you will be doing a yoga class each and every day, but it's well balanced with harder and easier classes going back to back, as well as a more gentle stretch class that finishes off each week.If you would like to receive your daily class in your inbox you can sign up for the 30-day challenge mailing list here. 

Get Strong! Lower Body 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate 21 days 15-60 min/day

Are you looking to improve the strength of your feet, legs and hips? This program is designed to do just that. With a yoga class every day, it alternates tougher classes with more gentle ones and completes each week with a wonderful hatha yoga class that helps release the muscles you've been working so hard.

Get Strong! Shoulders and Arms 21-Day Yoga Challenge

Intermediate 21 days 12 to 50 minutes/day

Shoulder strength is an essential when progressing in yoga in order to support your body in arm balances and prevent injury, particularly in difficult yoga classes. This challenge begins with two tutorial videos on shoulder stability and strength, then takes you through 21 days of hatha and power yoga classes that strengthen, stretch and revitalize your shoulders.

Empower Yourself 30-Day Yoga Challenge - Beginner

Beginner 30 days 15 to 75 mins/day

A 30-day yoga challenge can be the best way to kick-start your yoga routine, to establish a strong practice and realize the many benefits that come with practicing yoga regularly. This beginner level 30-day challenge features carefully chosen classes, taught by our most popular teachers.

Empower Yourself 30-Day Yoga Challenge - Intermediate

Intermediate 30 days 15 to 60

If you are looking to establish a stronger practice so you can improve your strength, flexibility, balance and overall well-being, a 30-day challenge is a great way to do that. This intermediate level 30-day challenge features hand-picked classes that are designed to take you on a fun, challenging, 30-day yoga journey.

14-Day Yoga Challenge with Fiji McAlpine

Intermediate 14 days 20 to 45 mins/day

Join Fiji and DoYogaWithMe in our first 14-Day Yoga Challenge, and do yoga for fourteen days in a row. Classes throughout the challenge shift in focus, duration and difficulty, but these are all intermediate classes so make sure that you are comfortable with that. Click on the Access button below to get started!

Push Your Limits 14-Day Advanced Yoga Challenge

Advanced 14 days 21 to 77 mins/day

If you are looking to up your game, push the limits of your body or see what you're capable of, this is the perfect program for you. It starts tough and ends tough, with no breaks in between. Our fantastic instructors will push you to strengthen your body from top to bottom, stretch deeper than you ever have, work harder than you ever have and accomplish poses that you may only have dreamed of doing... until now. Get ready for DoYogaWithMe's 14-day Yoga Challenge for advanced yogis only!

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