Pour Some Sugar On Me

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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Strengthen your glutes and stabilizing muscles in this keenly sequenced practice to ardha chandra chapasana (sugar cane in the moonlight pose). Rachel will help you build the strength and the technique needed to move fully and gracefully into this challenging, balancing, hip opener.

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga for Strength


Bend4kc 1 month ago

Man, I love this class. I feel great after it, and learn a lot of tips for remaining aligned, and feeling strong, that I can use in other classes. Thank you!

Kelseyhayes26 1 month ago

I have always had the hardest time with half moon pose and maintaining balance/alignment, it has always felt off for me. This time, I feel like I was finally aligned properly and was able to hold the balance for much longer than I have been before! Thank you!

Rbreid73 5 months ago

What a super class. The usual incredibly intricate and detailed cueing from Rachel as we worked towards the peak half moon poses. When I practice at home, it's on a carper, so can be wobbly underfoot. The progressions really helped me find stability as I opened up. Heartfelt thanks Rachel for another beauty of a class.

SmileMore 5 months ago

Most yoga classes focus only on the INNER hip. I appreciate the balance in also offering classes that work the OUTER hip. My problem spot! I frequently wake in the middle of the night with outer hip pain. Great sequence that I definitely plan to come back to! Thanks, Rachel, for your helpful instruction to help keep us safe when moving in and out of poses. Many thanks!

terkalin 6 months ago

I enjoyed the vinyasas and detailed instruction on form for protecting knees and "scrubbing" new things! ; ) I even worked up a bit of a sweat and feel nice and flexible in my hips now. Thanks for such a nice sequence, Rachel.

Jeopardy58 6 months ago

I have knee issues and am currently working on my strength and flexibility. The explanations of alignment and transitions were really helpful. This class was a challenge for me and the final half moon pose is beyond me at the moment but I will definitely be making it part of my regular routine.

canosjp 6 months ago


This class was so perfectly explained and your cuing was right on the money. Focusing on all of the positioning of the top and bottom of your leg and knee added a new and deeper dimension to this class and these moves that we all probably do by memory and not with the intended attention.

I feel amazing finishing this class!! It’s just the ticket for what I needed today! Simply PERFECT!!



Melanie Lichtinger 6 months ago

Warm and flexible and peaceful now... thank you Rachel for the clear instructions (learned 'even' as an intermediate how to develop Half Moon incl the ankle bind in a much better way), the perfect build-up and stretch-out, and the gentle savasana guidance.

pmaew 6 months ago

I've been going to physio for patella femoral pain (basically the result of weak outer hip muscles and strong inner thigh muscles) and my physio plan is all about finding proper hip-knee-ankle alignment, strengthening the glutes, and stretching the legs. This class is exactly what I need! Put a mirror in front of you to help you see your alignment from another angle :) Many thanks, Rachel!!

PeacefulRN 6 months ago

Great tune-up for intermediate students! I felt very stable in the peak pose and my body felt stretched and elongated by the end of the class. Rachel has a knack for offering clear explanations which don't require looking at the screen, and she keeps the mood light even when the poses are intense. Thanks, Rachel!