Power and Precision

Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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The most advanced of Fiji's flow classes, this one is extremely challenging. Fiji is an incredibly gifted yoga instructor, and even with such a difficult series of poses Fiji somehow makes it look easy.


kutzms 1 week ago

Such a beautiful class! It is wonderfully challenging, and Fiji, as always, makes everything feel perfectly accessible. Thank you, Fiji, for this and all of the amazing yoga classes you provide to brighten our day and improve our practice.

Loved every moment
moveyourasana 2 weeks ago

What a beautifully challenging class!! Thank you for reminding me of the synchronicity of slowing down with our breath

Exactly what I've been looking for!
mireaux 1 month ago

I have lately been craving that feeling of "un-mastery" in a yoga class. It's been awhile since I felt truly challenged and engaged in my practice. I will definitely be returning to this video when I need another creative, invigorating push.

Fiji's advanced classes are
janetgutsche 1 month ago

Fiji's advanced classes are all nothing less than perfection. Thank you again Fiji for brightening my day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Oh, pretty-pretty please!
rozuMashka 3 months ago

Oh, pretty-pretty please! More classes like this one! There are a lot of beginner and intermediate classes but very few videos for this level :-((

rozuMashka 5 months ago

Thank you for the class. It was marvelous. I would really like to see more classes like this one at the web-site!

Thank you Fiji!
LucyHB 5 months ago

I did this class yesterday and was amazed to find I could do the arm balances - looked down the comments section and found one I posted eight months ago saying the arm balances were beyond me but would keep practicing until I got there. Now I am there! Thank you Fiji and all the DYWM team, your classes are life savers for busy yogis.

vbelair02 6 months ago

I've been in recovery for an eating disorder and I am finding such a new meaning to life lately. The energy is flowing in a positive way. Yoga has been extremely beneficial in my recovery. I am letting go of the past and letting go all of the busy unnecessary thoughts that do not serve me purpose. Fiji is an amazing instructor, she is meticulous and graceful and a real inspiration. I could not do everything in this class perfectly but I already have a goal of attempting it every Tuesdays until I perfect the poses. I can't wait to be stronger and more flexible. Thanks FIJI. I am doing Beautifully Bound tonight.

Fiji is a gifted instructor,
hmariea 6 months ago

Fiji is a gifted instructor, and in this class, has set up an invigorating flow which makes difficult poses achievable. I thoroughly enjoy it every time I have the courage to try. :)

This is probably the most
whitneycdegraaf 10 months ago

This is probably the most challenging practice I've ever attempted! She allowed for some lesser vigorous poses throughout the session, which was not only appreciated but often necessary. I'll definitely be coming back to this one to see how much I improve.
Thanks Fiji!