Power and Precision

Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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The most advanced of Fiji's flow classes, this one is extremely challenging. Fiji is an incredibly gifted yoga instructor, and even with such a difficult series of poses Fiji somehow makes it look easy.


My new favourite class!
positivelyyoga 1 month ago

Thank you Fiji for this marvellous, energising class! The sequence is equal parts challenging and rewarding, and the perfect flow to refine transitions. Will come back to this class again and again.

More Fiji Advanced Classes!
jsbsymons 4 months ago

Love this class. More, please!

professional and creative
Silviacosta 7 months ago

love all your classes!! I'm learning a lot :-)

It took 19 days but just
emfries79 9 months ago

It took 19 days but just completed the 14 day challenge with this little nugget. I'm still not able to complete all of the poses but the progress with every class frankly amazes me. I'm almost there! And "there" is a place I wouldn't have believed a month ago. This challenging hour flew by because I was so focused. Thank you DYWM. I feel stronger at 38 than I did at 28, maybe even 18! Can't wait to start this 14 day challenge over again tomorrow. My partner thanks you too! More energy, better mood, and looking hawt for summertime. Xo

saxorax 9 months ago

This is a great class -- so intense but well-balanced and easy to follow. I'll definitely be returning to this one when I'm up for a full-length challenge!

Fiji is simply excellent - I
Marieseville 10 months ago

Fiji is simply excellent - I've been on my yoga journey with her for quite a while and she is an inspection to me.
This practice is incredible - VERY challenging and so satisfying. I felt every cell in my body zinging afterwards. Highly recommended if you are wanting to push yourself further..
Thank you so much, Fiji!!

Thank you.
khoug1 10 months ago

DYWM and specifically Fiji's classes have completely changed my relationship with yoga (which wasn't even much of a relationship before) and is handily getting me through med school without breaking the bank. I am thankful to the point that I'm not even sure words can express how much of a gift DYWM has been. You all have made an amazing community and I arrive here with my mat every day that I can. I'm stronger, more mindful, more flexible, and more present, and less stressed about the challenges of balancing school and work.

Thank you.

Challenging and Invigorating!
Mpendree 1 year ago

Thank you so much for doing this video. Although extremely challenging at times, I was able to follow and modify the moves in such a way that motivated me to continue instead of becoming discouraged and quitting.
Greatest gratitude!

kutzms 1 year ago

Such a beautiful class! It is wonderfully challenging, and Fiji, as always, makes everything feel perfectly accessible. Thank you, Fiji, for this and all of the amazing yoga classes you provide to brighten our day and improve our practice.

Loved every moment
moveyourasana 1 year ago

What a beautifully challenging class!! Thank you for reminding me of the synchronicity of slowing down with our breath