Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary Series

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Instructor Jeff Lichty
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For those who have never done ashtanga yoga or have only done Jeff's series of three beginner ashtanga yoga videos, this class is very challenging. It moves at a quick pace, flows through many advanced yoga poses and is meant for students who have previously practiced the half or full ashtanga yoga primary series. For those who have, this class, skillfully lead by Jeff Lichty, will help you move through the sequence without needing to remember what comes next.

Equipment: None
Style: Ashtanga Yoga


Thank you!
Bets 2 months ago

Wonderful program, thank you for making available. I've struggled to stick with a practice for years now. Both Jeff and Jenni's ashtanga videos (tho different :) are so helpful, many good points. Never ceases to amaze me the subtleties to learn, and Jeff is very clear and encouraging for those of us who are a bit slow to progress, heh. I look forward to the options on this site several times a week, and my husband has started joining sessions as well. Thank you so much!

Great class!
martastella 5 months ago

I have a severe brain injury and had to stop going to my yoga studio because I couldn't follow the directions and would get very frustrated and cry often after class. I looked a lot online and found your class and just did it for the first time: love it. Your voice is soothing and your directions are clear and the pace is perfect. Thanks so much and I'll be continuing regularly with your class.

Wonderful class
LucyHB 7 months ago

I'm so pleased this is on here! I haven't done Ashtanga in a while, I generally do the fantastic power/vinyasa classes on this site, but this reminded me how much I enjoy the Half Primary Series. The perfect teaching helped, what a wonderfully calming voice. I'll be making a point of doing this class once or twice a week from now on. Thank you!

Just what I needed!
rjmelville 9 months ago

I was looking for a refresher and inspiration to assist in my home Ashtanga practice and this was perfect. It was helpful to be reminded of the modifications that are available and I appreciated Jeff's explanation of the postures and relaxed teaching style. I'll definitely be coming back when I need that extra help. Thanks, Jeff and Deva!

This was wonderful.
sarahjwou 10 months ago

As a working mom, I am never available for the Ashtanga classes scheduled at my local yoga studio. Thank you so much for offering these classes! Jeff's modifications are so helpful for someone new to Ashtanga and his gentle reminders make this class enjoyable. I hope to continue practicing with Jeff and one of these days, I will get that "gateway posture" :)

Thank you
Emma Biggin 1 year ago

I am living in a new country and city with challenges of weather, distance from a good teacher and distance from my family, My previous teacher suggested that this was an opportunity for personal practise. I then saw your website suggested on a Yoga Facebook page. I find this class so kind, so accessible (though I admit I skip the vinyasa in-between the two sides of a pose so that I have more time to get into them and do one vinyasa at the end!) As you say David, it doesn't matter, you do what you ca,n, what's important is coming back to the breath. I am feeling stronger and more open physically but more importantly to me, mentally. Thank you.

Ashtanga first-timer
hollysansone 1 year ago

Not ever practising this style, I did not know what to expect. Of course, I've heard things throughout the years about the difficulty and the militancy of the style. I have now done this class several times! The teaching is clear, the class a challenge, and I love trying something new to push my boundaries! David does such a skillful job at finding those that support the DYWM integrity. Thank you to David, Jeff and the whole team.

Wonderful class !
HeatherSue 1 year ago

I really appreciate the clear direction and modifications provided in this class, which made it challenging but accessible for intermediate practitioners. I thought a 75 minute class might feel really long, but this one totally flew by! I will definitely be coming back again :)

Did the beginner classes
bnick 1 year ago

Did the beginner classes first with Jeff then recently decided to give this advanced class a try. First full Ashtanga class, it was
challenging even with my many years of yoga experience. Totally loved this style of teaching and practice( even though I had to modify some of the asanas). Felt great to try something new! Please bring more classes to the website.

This was amazing!
nophry 1 year ago

Amazing teaching, paste and explaining
very challenging, just beautiful!
more of Jeff please :)