Vinyasa Through the Vayus

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Prana or energy, moves through us in different ways. This invigorating class with Fiji will lead you through an exploration of the vayus, or winds of energy movement. Each of the five vayus will be explained and incorporated into this vinyasa style practice.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


aw9918 1 week ago

Beautiful and refreshing! Second time doing this class.

MereYoga4Life 1 week ago

Loved this class - challenging but nourishing and I loved learning about the winds in our bodies. Will come back to this class again and again.

pvetsen 2 weeks ago

Really wonderful class, thank you.
Are there any books/resources you would be willing to recommend for those wanting to learn the yogic energetic systems (that can't afford teacher training)?

bonnie.e.cox 2 weeks ago

This is my new Fiji favorite. Very thorough, challenging, and nurturing practice. So good!

SoniaM 2 weeks ago

Ah-mazing!! My new favorite class. I learned so much and even had fun. You are such a thoughtful teacher Fiji, a true gift you have and a true gift you are. My question is this: if I can only reach my upper shins in revolved downward dog (sorry if this is not the correct name), should I shorten my stance even further - almost becoming upright - or settle for my shins for now? Thanks in advance. :)

Fiji McAlpine 2 weeks ago

Hi Sonia,

Start with your shins right now, and watch over time how your flexibility increases! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed this practice as much as I do!

SoniaM 1 week ago

Thanks Fiji! I will be patient and do as you suggest. I indeed will keep coming back to this practice again and again.

karmafrau 2 weeks ago

This is another beautiful class by Fiji. But it felt noch right for me since I have quite a hollow back. For this reason, I don't do upward dog or other backbends. I would be grateful if you could offer a class designed for people with that problem. Thank you for all the wonderful classes you already gave to us. Love, m.

pvetsen 2 weeks ago

It sounds like you maaay have an anterior pelvic tilt (APT). There are many resources available online for identifying & correcting it, if that is indeed the case.
Namaste :-)

karmafrau 2 weeks ago

yes, I do think APT is what I have. I just didn't know the correct english term for it. Thank you for pointing it out to me, I really should see a psysiotherapist and work on correcting it.
best wishes, m.