Vinyasa Through the Vayus

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Prana or energy, moves through us in different ways. This invigorating class with Fiji will lead you through an exploration of the vayus, or winds of energy movement. Each of the five vayus will be explained and incorporated into this vinyasa style practice.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Audreyb18 1 week ago

Great class as always... but it seems that it's not correctly labeled as I can't find it if I put a Intermediate III filter. I have to check all of Fiji's videos to find it.
It would be a pity that people miss it for such a reason.
Thank you DYWM for your work and dedication!

Karolina Glab 2 months ago

Hi Fiji, thank you very much for this interesting class, as always! I have been come I can`t do a teddy bear headstand, and I can do a "normal" one? You seem to be showing teddy bear headstand as a progression to the other one...or am I confusing? Is there a way I can gain confidence for the teddy bear? I am especially concerned by the neck. I seem not to believe that my arms will support the neck sufficiently... :)
Thank you for your thoughts!

Fiji McAlpine 1 month ago

Hi Karolina!

Well I am hoping to show you how to do this in person one day soon, once I can get to Europe again! For now, you could build confidence by trying it against a wall. Press your hands firmly into the floor, hug the elbows in, and slide your shoulders up towards the hips which engages the shoulders. This will make the upperbody work to take the pressure off the head and neck.


L_huigens 5 months ago

Dear Fiji, Thank you for this wonderful class. It is so good after a long day, working from home. It resets and stretches everything. And the exploration of the vajus give such nice cues and reflections. Lovely :)

perfecta25 7 months ago

Is this part of a series? She says something like "you'll be ready for the handstand next week"?

Fiji McAlpine 7 months ago

This is a stand alone class, I was just joking, or encouraging, when talking about handstand by next week.

Lisacarmen 8 months ago

This was a FANTASTIC class. I didn't feel rushed through any of the poses even though it was only a 35 minute class. Thank you, Fiji!

Katelynw35 8 months ago

Every time I do a class with you guys it brings me back home :) Thanks Fiji, all your classes are great. You offer amazing insights and guidance in every class :) xx

tothewild 8 months ago

Fiji, thank you so much for everything you do. This class flowed so naturally for me, and you are truly an inspiration with your words. Your wisdom emanates during your classes, and I appreciate each and every one. This is truly a special class though. Love and gratitude.