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Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.9 (222 votes)
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A fun, tough and invigorating yoga class, on the edge of intermediate/advanced. Tracey leads you through an ingenious sequence, full of creative transitions and guidance that is lively and encouraging. The ocean-front setting and her contagious energy help you make it through to the end!

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


mcwenderson 1 year ago

There are soooo many choices @doyogawithme that I had not done this particular practice for awhile. It is a perfect flow, with very concise clear instructions and reminders about the basics. There was such clever entry into the balance poses, that they seemed effortless. Destined to become a classic!

sng4ever 1 year ago

Tracey is such a great teacher and this is a wonderful practice for everyone!

EmBe 2 years ago

Since I use an iPad, I depend more on the audio than the video. Tracey's clear cues made the flow of this class easy to follow. I sometimes struggle with balance, but didn't have as much trouble with balance in this class. Thank you for explaining the poses so clearly.

jmitton 2 years ago

This was an invigorating experience; deeply satisfying.

AshAnanda 2 years ago

Thank you, Tracey, for another satisfying and balanced class. This class incrementally gets your body ready for the next vista of expansion, and without even realizing it, you are stretching your muscles further than you thought you could and feeling fantastic. Namaste!

flanagandl 3 years ago

Love your classes, your energy and your words connecting us to the movement. Wonderful to do outside with you as well! Happy summer! Thank you for your efforts and leading us in this practice!

LindaMBaldwin 3 years ago

Thank you Tracey, for another beautiful class. It is challenging and balancing at the same time and leaves me focused and feeling great. Namaste

brindmore 3 years ago

Well guided flow. Only thing - wish I could hear the birds and water more! Thank you Tracey

mario-gp 3 years ago

I'm with you.
But I think more than hearing nature, this class was missing the usual spiritual aspect that Tracey tends to give to her stronger posses.
It was challenging. It made me sweat. But I just didn't end up as relaxed/content/satisfied/fulfilled as I usually do with her lessons.

dscheurl 3 years ago

Thank you Tracy - I've done this class and quite a few others many times but it's time to bookmark this one and make it a must-do every week! Your gentle happy attitude is calming and brings joy. Thank you so much for the perfect start to my day-