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Tracey Noseworthy
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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A fun, tough and invigorating yoga class, on the edge of intermediate/advanced. Tracey leads you through an ingenious sequence, full of creative transitions and guidance that is lively and encouraging. The ocean-front setting and her contagious energy help you make it through to the end!


My go-to class for a balanced power day
LindaMBaldwin 5 days ago

Thank you Tracey, for another beautiful class. It is challenging and balancing at the same time and leaves me focused and feeling great. Namaste

brindmore 1 month ago

Well guided flow. Only thing - wish I could hear the birds and water more! Thank you Tracey

mario-gp 2 weeks ago

I'm with you.
But I think more than hearing nature, this class was missing the usual spiritual aspect that Tracey tends to give to her stronger posses.
It was challenging. It made me sweat. But I just didn't end up as relaxed/content/satisfied/fulfilled as I usually do with her lessons.

My New Go-To Must-Do Class
dscheurl 2 months ago

Thank you Tracy - I've done this class and quite a few others many times but it's time to bookmark this one and make it a must-do every week! Your gentle happy attitude is calming and brings joy. Thank you so much for the perfect start to my day-

Mmmmm, mmmmm good!
PeacefulRN 2 months ago

Unique transitions, juicy stretches, and a delicious savanna. All delivered with Tracey's wonderful cues and encouraging style - thanks so much!

Lovely! What a power class!
Crownee23 3 months ago

Lovely! What a power class!

What a fantastic class! It
Paulette9 4 months ago

What a fantastic class! It left me feeling happy and empowered! Tracey, your sequencing and flow and timing and the words you use are impeccable! I actually DID sweat without even realizing what was happening! Thanks for a great class and for giving of yourself!

Thank you Tracey for this
Gabrielle35 5 months ago

Thank you Tracey for this class! It was such a bless. I feel amazing in my body now.

fantastic teacher
Audinette 5 months ago

Classes with Tracey are a treat. A baance between philosophy and work of the mind and asanas and synchronisation with the body. Always challenging, akways rewarding. Thank you Tracey :)

Great Flow
redsquadj 7 months ago

I revisited this class today after not doing it for quite a while... and remembering what a great flow it is. It continues to move and build leaving you feeling warm, strong and stretched! Thank you!