Exploring the Edge

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (17 votes)
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Push your limits in this class focused on expanding into some challenging peak poses. As Fiji says, it's all about those millimeter miracles!

Equipment: Block
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


PeacefulRN 1 day ago

That was great - the reminders to explore and honor my body's abilities was very helpful in quieting any critical thoughts I had about not being able to do the full expressions of a couple of the poses. I don't think that the pretzel-y, balancing seated pose will every be a part of my practice, but I appreciated exploring the steps leading to it! Overall, a nice class offering challenge in a gentle and nurturing way. Thank you!

duroc017 3 days ago

I liked this class a lot, but I was struggling with a lot of negative emotions and ruminations all day, and unfortunately I continued to battle those things throughout the practice as well. As a result, I noticed that I was really having a hard time in some of the postures (half-moon especially). Next time I try this, I will do so on a day when I have a clearer mind and see if it makes any difference.

rufiosaur 6 days ago

I have been a student of DYWM (especially Fiji) for years and this is my first comment on a video. This class was amazing, exactly as the title states: mindfully exploring the edge rather than forcing an expectation or setting yourself up for frustration/disappointment. Practices like today reminds me of the millimetre miracles I've accumulated and how good it feels to move and get to know my body, even if it was difficult to get myself to the mat in the first place.

pvetsen 1 week ago

Thanks for another beautiful flow. Your balance of yin & yang (or as you put it, forward & inward) focus has been really helpful in shaping my personal practice. Thank you for everything :)

Also, this class may be mislabeled as 'advanced', it seems to me like much more of an intermediate flow.

David Procyshyn 6 days ago

Thank you for the feedback. I've changed the class to 'intermediate'.
Take care,

Axel Klein 1 week ago

Great practice Fiji, fluid, demanding and comprehensive. Hope your knee has healed

Tramon2 1 week ago

I loved this class and the attention to detail Fiji gives to each pose. I have come to appreciate her style of teaching and her talent more and more as I progress in my practice over the years. Thank you Fiji!

sng4ever 2 weeks ago

A challenging practice however it is wonderful to see the progress and to see where the edge is. Fiji is such a great teacher and guide through the poses/practice. Not suitable for a beginner however an intermediate yogi could try this and modify as needed.

aw9918 3 weeks ago

Thank you Fiji for the great class- it flew by! I like how you recognize that sometimes resting can be the most difficult part of the practice!