Finding Your Ground

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.8 (65 votes)
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This power yoga practice is an intermediate level flow with elements that will challenge the advanced student. Fiji's intention with this yoga class is to help you to physically and mentally find your ground; to create and trust your own strong foundations and to cultivate deep roots. Fiji guides you through a series of poses where gravity becomes a friendly force, helping to create steadiness and ease in the moment.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Samalamadingdong 1 month ago

Thank you Fiji for your instruction. Admirably succinct communication and challenging flow with beautiful rewards. Blessings Fiji!

THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TODAY, on this windy day in Toronto when I so desperately needed to come back to myself. AH! I am in awe of how life delivers exactly what I need. Thank you Do Yoga With Me!

rebeccably 10 months ago

I love how Fiji's words are very deliberate - not just the physical cuing but the mental focusing points and emotional grounding concepts as well. It's definitely an advanced practice as their isn't much warm up before going into some deep extensions like splits, so it's best for experienced practitioners only to stay safe. I feel now more focused and aligned about what I'm doing today, thanks Fiji!

NicRoy 11 months ago

Nice integration of the vayus and asana. I thought it was a nicely flowing class. Fiji you are well spoken which I am learning as a new yoga teacher myself. Choosing words carefully is an art. Great class!

LucyHB 1 year ago

This class did exactly what I hoped it would! I was looking for something calming during a rather turbulent time, and this was perfect. The pace was calming and soothing. It's definitely more gentle than Fiji's average advanced class, but full splits and flying pigeon are always a challenge! I couldn't do either today but I was calm enough not to mind :-) Thank you Fiji!

ssubyogi 1 year ago

Love Figi and her every class, but I was bummed that this wasn't as "advanced" as I had hoped. I loved the grounding aspects, but was disappointed that there wasn't any flow or faster pace to it. It felt more instructive and slower paced so would be a good intermediate or beginner grounding practice. This would be a great morning wake up practice, though. I did find the long holds a good challenge. As always though, I am very inspired by Figi!

willbewisewoman 1 year ago

I agree that advanced is the appropriate rating! I really enjoyed this class. It was the perfect challenge and I can't wait to do it over and over again until I can hold the poses as long as Fiji and do the split and full arm balance! This is the first class after many (lovely) classes on DYWM, where I felt really compelled to write a review... and express my appreciation. Thank you Fiji, this is my new favourite practice!

FairfaxYoga 1 year ago

Great class, but neither “power yoga” nor “advanced” in my opinion. There is too much instruction for an advanced class, plus the pace is rather slow. I suggest moving it to Intermediate status, which I think is a more appropriate fit.