Finding Your Ground

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Fiji McAlpine
Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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This power yoga practice is an intermediate level flow with elements that will challenge the advanced student. Fiji's intention with this yoga class is to help you to physically and mentally find your ground; to create and trust your own strong foundations and to cultivate deep roots. Fiji guides you through a series of poses where gravity becomes a friendly force, helping to create steadiness and ease in the moment.


Should be categorized as intermediate
FairfaxYoga 5 days ago

Great class, but neither “power yoga” nor “advanced” in my opinion. There is too much instruction for an advanced class, plus the pace is rather slow. I suggest moving it to Intermediate status, which I think is a more appropriate fit.

Love this class
Margarethe 2 weeks ago

I have foot issues, which affects my ability to balance on one foot. I love this. I will probably do it a few times a week. It's a good challenge for me

Change of pace
deborahcb 2 weeks ago

Fiji, your classes continue to inspire and impress me with your ability to provide such a variety of yoga styles. Your harder classes have some of the fastest paces, and now you offer this slower class that allowed me to truly focus on how my body was feeling as I was challenged to try all of the moves. I also love the intermediate classes that tip toward advanced. You are helping me cultivate a practice that challenges me physically while allowing me to tap into the true beauty of yoga's mindfulness. Thank you for continuing to create creative classes. I love all of the options on this website.

Amazing class! I did this
Veggiegnome 2 weeks ago

Amazing class! I did this after the Chakra 3 flow and I liked having such an emphasis on grounding. Thank you!

Strong and grounding poses with long-ish holds.
PeacefulRN 2 weeks ago

Grateful to the other yogis who commented that this was do-able for someone at an intermediate level! Strong and well-paced with opportunities get deeply into the pose and to modify as needed during the 2 advanced poses - full split and flying pigeon (I think that's what it was - correct me if I am wrong!) Thank you, Fiji.

Accessible but challenging
SoniaM 4 days ago

PeacefulRN I came here to say the same thing! I am an intermediate student who likes to dabble in advanced classes but knows there will be poses I can't do (the two you mentioned actually), or can't hold for as long as Fiji does. I find the rating on this class very appropriate. I think I would have been disheartened had I found this much challenge in an intermediate-rated class. As always Fiji's guidance is perfect. Thank you DYWM.

Challenging but do-able!
karen77ca 2 weeks ago

Great pace, challenging yet adaptable!

Gorgeous grounding
Marieseville 2 weeks ago

This is a beautiful, strong grounding practice that I'll be coming back to a lot. It's a perfectly paced challenge that builds strength, stamina and flexibility, particularly in the legs. It's especially challenging on the hamstrings, so I'd recommend watching it first if you have any issues or injuries there - you can always modify the more intense stretching .
Fiji, as always, is impeccable in her guidance, knowledge and support.
Thank you so much, Fiji and all at DYWM!

KML 2 weeks ago

Thank you Fiji, this was the perfect class for today, very much needed in my life right now. I’m so grateful for DYWM, I hope you know what a blessing it is for me to have access to yoga in this way. Namaste

KML 2 weeks ago

As I did this class 2 days ago, our province was losing 15 of its young men in a very tragic accident. My heart is broken for all those affected by this event. As the mother of three young hockey players I can’t imagine what those families are going through. Prayers and hugs to those from Humboldt. I know I must remember to be grateful for each day I have with my loved ones, never knowing when our time together will end. The things I was worried about in my own life that evening are part of going through this life, nothing as devastating as what these families must face now. As Tracy suggests in one of her classes, to carry somone with you through your practice, tonight I carry those who are grieving, I walk with them. Sad day for those young men who lost their lives from the Humboldt Broncos. Rip