Lift Up

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.6 (22 votes)
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In this class, Tracey helps you find your way into some variations of bakasana, crow pose. Learn how to use your core to find lightness and lift, and enjoy some deep shoulder and hip openers to keep your body fluid and mobile.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


sng4ever 3 weeks ago

Tracey is such a great yoga teacher. This is a wonderful shoulder and IT band stretch. If you like crow/crane, this will give you a chance to practice with legs crossed (twice). Tracey's dynamic personality makes it fun!

LucyHB 3 weeks ago

Thank you for another awesome class Tracey! I didn't attempt the second crow variation because of accursed collarbone injury, but really enjoyed the class all the same, just adapted that section. Good core work and juicy stretches!

duroc017 1 month ago

I'm a bakasana fan, so I enjoyed this practice, and the opportunity to try a new variation of crow, as well as some good stretches and core strengthening.

aw9918 1 month ago

I enjoyed this class! Some of it reminded me a little of Pilates. Definitely feel a stronger core and a little lighter!

kapkap 1 month ago

Thank you, Tracey, for a class where old asanas were new in small and big ways. It was difficult, and yet, thoroughly invigorating and inspiring, to grow and stretch both mind and body.

nomadnut 1 month ago

This was wonderful and a fun new take on different poses. I love that yoga is ever changing and there is always a new way to flow.

PeacefulRN 1 month ago

I was glad to try a new class, but this one wasn't for me. It felt uncharacteristically clunky and forced, and the instructions for the second crow variation were hard to follow. That said, it was a good stretch for the shoulders and sides of the body.