Yes, Grasshopper!

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
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This intermediate flow experience with Rachel will prepare you for exploring one of yoga’s most entertaining arm balances: insect pose (tittibhasana). Along the way, we’ll explore hip opening, full splits, core work, wrist strengthening and some other fun hand balances. Come along for the ride!

Equipment: Strap, Block
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


Ani_86 19 hours ago

Very fun and challenging class with nice core action and hip openers! I'll be bookmarking. However, this felt like an intermediate III to me, with the quick pace, intense core work (those foot hovers - yeesh!) and the arm balances.

Katiek2610 5 days ago

Rachel I love your classes so much. You never fail to make me smile! Your practises always leave my body feeling refreshed and my mind that bit more joyful and relaxed. You are a ray of sunshine for me thankyou!

Rhett 1 week ago

Very fun and fast class! I really liked the creative poses and the challenge. Rachel always makes me chuckle. Will definitely revisit this class. Question- I am a very sweaty person and often slip when doing poses like bakasana (sp?). I’ve tried a towel but that only sorta helps. Any tips or is it just better to try out those poses when I’m not sweaty?

mcwenderson 1 week ago

This is awesome! Even with tight hamstrings, I still managed to get to a semblance of insect pose. Until I started to giggle remembering that as a child (over 50 years ago), we would get into this pose and walk around on our hands trying to push each other over! Feels good to play like that again.

SaraVi 2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the grasshopper and the asana before it,and to my surprise I was able to balance!
thank you!

Hanasana 2 weeks ago

super fun class, thank you Rachel! BTW I just realized who you remind me of and it's Emma Thompson and that's one of the highest compliments I personally can give someone ^_^

Catefish 2 weeks ago

Whoa. Hips. And low back. This was captivating. The challenge was extremely satisfying, and even more fantastically, after all the hip work in this practice, I was able to hang out and linger in reclined cobbler's pose for savasana without any inevitable pinching in my outer right hip for 100% the entire time for the first time of all the times, ever. Ever.

Just sayin'. You rock, Rachel. Thank you! :)