Handstands at the Wall

Crista Shillington
Instructor Crista Shillington
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Incorporating hip openers, leg and core work, and of course handstands, this challenging intermediate class will have your muscles singing! Crista keeps you going with her trademark cheerfulness and rewards your effort with a long savasana. Note: You will need access to a nice clear section of wall in order to do the handstand portion of this class.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


dukegal1213 1 month ago

Crista is so full of energy, and it’s contagious. Very good class, and challenging for me as someone who is transitioning from beginner to intermediate. “No crazy legs” comment and demonstration was fantastic lol.

annamarie 2 months ago

I really generally like Crista's classes, but I found some of the transitions especially the act of looking at the wall and trying to hop up to a handstand to be VERY awkward. I would have liked more information about positioning and how to hold your body. As it was I was just flinging myself around with little guidance. Heh. I guess I am still searching for a good headstand class for me.

Crista Shillington 2 months ago

Hi Annamarie!
In handstands, instead of trying to look at the wall (which would feel very awkward!), you’re just trying to reach the crown of your head towards the wall, in order to move your shoulders forward over your wrists. Your drishte, your gaze, should be on the floor forward of your hands. Imagine that your hands and your focal point for your eyes make an equidistant triangle. Then try hopping. Hope that helps!

mromero 4 months ago

Crista brings something new fresh and fun every time!

carolzmq 4 months ago

Crista is the cutest person in the world. Thanks for sharing!!

sng4ever 5 months ago

A great way to practice handstand. And, lets you see how "uneven" you might be (left and right sides).
Crista is such a sweet teacher. I love her energy and personal flair.

cpoehlmann 5 months ago

Best birthday gift - a new class with Crista. Thanks for the wonderful movements and transitions. Best wishes from Germany.