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The Meaning Of Namaste

What does Namaste mean?

The most unfamiliar part of my first few yoga classes wasn’t the ambient music. It wasn’t the contradictory cue to “bend down with a straight spine.” It wasn’t the funny names of the poses. It was the teacher ending the class with her hands in prayer position and saying “Namaste” as she bowed to the class. The rest of the class, in unison, assumed the same prayer hand position, repeated the word and bowed forward. 

Monthly Update - May 2019

The DoYogaWithMe Monthly Update May 2019

Check out our 30-Day challenges this month! For those feeling the surge of spring, the Yoga & Pilates Challenge is going to match your mood step for step. For those needing a breath between blossoms, the 30-Day Deep Relaxation is like a gentle spring shower for the garden of your mind. 

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