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Be Good to the Planet - The Environmental Impact of Yoga Mats

Learn about the environmental impact of your yoga mat.

The yoga mat is by far the most iconic and foundational of all yoga gear. The majority of yogis wouldn’t consider practicing without one, and global demand is now estimated at an eye-popping 36-million mats purchased each year. This enormous appetite costs yogis about 1.2 billion USD annually, but the true cost can’t be summed up in dollars alone. Producing, using and disposing of so many mats also takes a heavy toll on our planet, something many practitioners are totally unaware of.

Monthly Update - May 2019

The DoYogaWithMe Monthly Update May 2019

Check out our 30-Day challenges this month! For those feeling the surge of spring, the Yoga & Pilates Challenge is going to match your mood step for step. For those needing a breath between blossoms, the 30-Day Deep Relaxation is like a gentle spring shower for the garden of your mind. 

Monthly Update - April 2019

DYWM April 2019 update


We've got a couple of new faces around DYWM! Check out the first of many classes from Nyk Danu and Guy Friswell, as well as a bevy of beginner oriented offerings from Helen Camisa. Also, we have a very special program to help the body and mind recover from the effects of eating disorders.

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