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Monthly Update - September 2020

Monthly Update - September 2020


What does September signify for you? A return to school and strict daily routine? Perhaps September is when you harvest the garden to share your bounty with friends and family... Or is it the month that you swap breezy summer fabrics for cozy woolen layers? Whatever September means to you, the transition of one season to another offers us the opportunity to reflect on how we have oriented ourselves in relation to the outside world, and whether to stay the course or make an adjustment in our approach.   


Monthly Update - July 2020

Monthly Update - July 2020
The warm weather is here! Cool down with our new Yin and Restorative practices or put on a meditation album and take a break in the shade. 

Monthly Poll July

Our recent live stream class with Melissa turned out to be a smashing success!
Based on the community response and your feedback, live streaming is something we would like to offer to the community on an ongoing basis.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Affiliate Program

YTT Affiliate Program
For over ten years, DoYogaWithMe has honored its original mission to make high quality online yoga accessible to everyone, the world over. Our evolution over that time has allowed us to continue to improve our offering, streamlining video delivery, enhancing video quality and growing our passionate community, while remaining true to principles that are dearest to us, including honesty, diversity, transparency and generosity. 

More Kids' and Family Yoga Classes Coming!


As we witness the indefinite closure of more and more schools around the world, the need for family activities that help everyone get through these difficult times becomes even more important. Increased social isolation can lead to more stress and anxiety.

Newest Yoga Classes

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