Up the Ante

Tracey Noseworthy
Instructor Tracey Noseworthy
Average: 4.9 (75 votes)
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Tracey leads you through a tough class with arm balances, foot balances, a head balance and a power flow that thoroughly stretches you out. This yoga class finishes with deep stretching on the floor and a nice, slow wind-down.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


shelkath 5 months ago

Thank you Tracey. This was a terrific class. Completely accessible for an intermediate who wants a little more. The variations on the usual postures made it accessible and challenging.
This was the start of my day, and my week, and it created the ideal result.

CourtenayLane 3 years ago

Thank-you Tracey, it was exactly what my body was craving on this chilly, slow-to-wake-up winter morning! Now I'm easy for whatever is next. Have a wonderful day!

Tlboyce 3 years ago

Love love ❤️ this class... thanks Tracey for being an amazing teacher.. Namaste

SmileMore 3 years ago

Tracey is truly a gift to this planet and to all of us who share her classes. I'm continually grateful to this site for giving me the opportunity to take classes with gifted instructors like Tracey, whom I would probably never meet otherwise. Many, many thanks!

Tlboyce 3 years ago

Lovely flow... Really enjoyed it.. Thanks Tracey

jessiebird73 4 years ago

This is my second DoYogaWithMe video. I thought I'd try to do a shortish advanced practice to see if I could, as I consider myself to be intermediate. This was a very nice, well organized, well organized, enjoyable practice. It wasn't too hard...I would have enjoyed a longer practice. If you are looking for a short but thorough and effective practice, this is great, especially for morning. Thank you!

Hamish MacCuish 4 years ago

Thanks Tracy!
A great, short, powerful, sweet class that wrung me out first thing; despite my very wobbly side-arm balance this early in the day. Haha!

NByogi 4 years ago

Thanks, Tracey, for putting together a brief, but powerful flow. It was just the bit of yoga I needed to start my day well with only a little time to spare. Namaste!