Power to Paradise

Hatha Yoga
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Rachel shines in this exquisite class that finishes with the peak pose, Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana). Her clear descriptions and enthusiasm make this challenging hatha flow class a pure joy to be a part of. Have fun!


Lots of hip work!
Nick F 7 months ago

Great class, really enjoyed it and really good technical instruction about how to enter the poses.

My favorite teacher
Brian Dempsey 8 months ago

Skillfully taught that has the right mix of warming up and gently guiding to deep hip and side stretches. It's very obvious that she has a lot of passion for yoga and a deep understanding of how to teach.

Rachel Scott 7 months ago

Hi Brian, thanks so much for kind words! So happy the practice felt good :)

Morning perfect class
JeromeBeal 9 months ago

Very nice startjng the day with your class. Thank you a lot

favorite class
yogalily 10 months ago

Thank you Rachel for this favorite class of mine. I've been doing this class a while ago and found it just the right mix of smooth, focused and challenging. I broke my pelvis, ankle and foot due to an accident half a year ago.Now this class is just right to get my flexibility and coordination back and to align my pelvis. Never thought I could do it but it wasn't too bad. Best therapy at home. thanks so much.

Rachel Scott 10 months ago

So glad to hear it! Yoga can be so helpful in rehabilitation, so pleased to hear that this practice has provided some support xo

First time successful crow pose
ElenaZ 11 months ago

Thank you Rachel!
Somehow this time I felt the "click" which allowed me to go into crow pose.
Lovely class!

A great class!
TatianaSFN 11 months ago

I like this class very much, and i think if you do all asanas really right and properly it is not so easy but this is the biggest pleasure . Rachel Scott one of my favorite teachers here, and I look forward to get some new long video classes from her. ☺️ Thank you

Fun and challenging intermediate class
twirth 11 months ago

Hi Rachel,

I thought this class was a perfect intermediate level. I had fun trying some new poses, and entering familiar ones in a different way.

I've been enjoying your classes regularly for 6 months. Thank you so much for your clear, calm instruction and your smile and joyful energy!