Power to Paradise

Rachel Scott
Instructor Rachel Scott
Average: 4.7 (148 votes)
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Rachel shines in this exquisite class that finishes with the peak pose, Bird of Paradise (Svarga Dvijasana). Her clear descriptions and enthusiasm make this challenging hatha flow class a pure joy to be a part of. Have fun!

Equipment: None
Style: Hatha Yoga


nadonado 4 months ago

Rachel's instructions are clear and concise, I don't even need to look at the screen, allowing me to really focus on refining each pose. The pace is measured, I can really feel my muscles and parts move into place. Love this, thank you.

Daniellefant 5 months ago

I love this class. The pace isn't too fast, and its such a fantastic combination of challenge, playfulness and instruction. There aren't enough classes that focus on both standing and arm balances. Rachel is such a great teacher!

Ana Lucía 10 months ago

Beautiful, focused, flowing generous class, thank you so much!

belladonna_in 10 months ago

Absolutley amazing class. I really enjoy to practice with Ratchel. Her instructions are very clear and she brings one very mindful into poses. Thanks a lot for this amazing class.

meh221 1 year ago

Yes, more Rachel, please! Her calm and positive delivery is so empowering. I'll be revisiting this class often.

ag329 1 year ago

Rachel's instructions were exceptionally clear and CALM...ahhh! :) I loved the pace and the challenge of this class. Actually found myself smiling along w/Rachel. Thank you for your work, I really enjoyed this one and will definitely visit this again. :)

jmitton 2 years ago

Such an exceptional practice; Rachel's instructions are clear, supportive, and helpful. A real gem...hope to see more of her videos in 2019.

lologm 2 years ago

Your clear instructions are so great that they allow me to feel comfortable trying poses I never have before! I learned so much while having fun!

Rachel Scott 2 years ago

I'm so happy to har that! Fun is so important...I figure if I can't laugh, then I am really in trouble ;) Glad you enjoyed it!