Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (915 votes)
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There's no better way to start your day! Fiji compacts everything into 35 minutes, making this class perfect for those who need something quick in the morning. This class is a great workout, with lots of challenging poses and deep openers.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


just perfect
gyeryongian 1 month ago

Fiji is such a fantastic teacher, i enjoy every single one of her practices.

Great class
Lesmith922 3 months ago

Just right... not too easy, but also doable for someone just getting back into yoga after a hiatus from having a child/not having time to work out!

Love all of Fiji's classes! This one is especially great...
mlkeller7 4 months ago

Love this class!! Such a good challenge. Intermediate is right. This is a challenging practice. But, so much is built into a shorter practice and it's wonderful. Thanks!

Great all around class
LindaMBaldwin 5 months ago

This is my go to-class when I need to strengthen after having been away from yoga for a little while. One of my favorites!

Great way to start the day!
mkrishock 6 months ago

Thank you so much for a powerful class. I will definitely bookmark this one!

Rise and shine
Meliss2160 6 months ago

This is a great stretch. I enjoyed this workout.

Loved this
jbendell 7 months ago

I loved this one. Good way to start a summer morning.

janetcaponi 7 months ago

I feel like I just have my body a treat. Thank you Fiji!

Perfect to start the day
Radlh0 9 months ago

I love Fiji’s classes. I have so many of them bookmarked. This is a great length when you don't have as much time, and gets all the lovely stretches and energy going to start the day. I have done this in the afternoon too, just to revitalize me. Excellent cues as usual. Fiji is just so supportive in her verbals and tone. Thank you Fiji.

Super Duper!
PeacefulRN 9 months ago

Truly awesome practice! All-around energizer, perfect length and perfect pace - flowing along at a brisk speed but w/ enough time for me to make smooth transitions. Great for days when I don't have the time or focus for a longer practice. Thank you. :-)