Bow Pose: Ready for the Peak!

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Hatha Yoga
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Class Description: 

This is the forth class in a 4-part series taking you into full bow pose (dhanurasana). After learning how to move safely into a deep backbend by strengthening the core and releasing the hip flexors and shoulders in the first three classes, Rachel takes you through a well-paced, full-length hatha yoga class that is thorough, attentive to detail and careful in its progression toward the peak pose. Good luck with bow pose!


These last four classes were
ElisseAV 1 week ago

These last four classes were better than I expected. Great first week(and a half!) of this program. Thank you.

Bow pose
LaurieL 1 week ago

I loved this 4 part series! Great job, Rachel!

SMarie 2 weeks ago

I love Rachel's clear and perfectly timed cues. I broke a sweat and feel completely relaxed after this class. She provides a new sense of confidence and strength with suggestions of focus and engagement. I feel like I am safely trying new things. These are pointers that will stay with me forever. So thankful for this!

I have been enjoying this 4
bethoppliger 3 weeks ago

I have been enjoying this 4-part series very much so far. It has been very helpful for me in doing just what it intended to do!
One recommendation and one question...
Recommendation - it helps me a lot when the camera goes to the side and shows a side view of some of the poses, particularly when you're in lunges. There were a couple of times I was confused as to what you were doing with your legs and core.
Question - I like how you're releasing the various parts of this 4-part series one at a time...Do you have a general recommendation for how long a person spend with each of the videos before moving on the the peak pose (which I am aware you have not yet released)? I suppose this is probably very dependent upon each person's unique flexibility and strength, but I was just curious how you would answer this.
Thanks so much for your instruction Rachel. David - I am always grateful for this amazing website and resource!

Re: Bow Pose Peak Pose Challenge
David Procyshyn 3 weeks ago

Hi there. Great to hear that you've enjoyed this.
Yes, we are very careful with our editing to include shots showing the positioning of each pose. If you remember when you felt confused because of the camera angle, send me the point(s) in the timeline and we can see if we can fix that.
With the Peak Pose Challenges we are leaving the timing of the classes up to the student. You can move through the classes as quickly or as slowly as you like. This is because everyone is so different and some people can do two classes in a row with no issues and others need a day in between to rest.
This class is the final class, leading you to bow pose.
Thank you! Great questions. And take care.

Loved this!
zylstrabecky 3 weeks ago

Perfect way to start out my Saturday. Thank you Rachel.