December 24, 2018

Terry, Psychotherapist, London, UK

I just wanted to send a message of gratitude. I have been using DoYogaWithMe for two years now. I cannot get to a yoga class as often as I would like, and I have been struggling with self-practice. DoYogaWithMe's online classes give me support and holding, as well as providing well-structured, sensitively delivered flows, which always leave me feeling more nourished and at peace than before the practice. DoYogaWithMe provides a wonderful resource and I am very grateful for it. (I am a qualified yoga teacher and appreciate the teaching from that perspective too.) So, thank you to all the teachers who share themselves and their practice so generously here. Namaste.

December 17, 2018

Àfrica, Translator, Catalonia (Europe)

Hi David.

I have been a member of this community for some months, although I wasn't subscribed to the newsletter. In fact, I have been practicing 5 days/week since July, and I even completed the program "from beginner to intermediate", but unfortunately I am not in a position to be a subscriber.

Anyway, I would like to thank you warmly for what you are doing with your site: it is the only place where I have found a diversity of good lessons suitable for my needs. All of your teachers (you included, of course) are fantastic, I am learning lots of things and I feel more confident and enthusiastic every day. My goal is to have a balanced and healthy body/mind/spirit, and I know that the way to do it is long and hard, but with your help I feel that I am slowly improving.

Thank you again and namaste to you and all your team.

Kind regards,

December 7, 2018

Doug, Montessori teacher, Washington State, USA

Hey David,
Your teaching style, voice and pace, suits my mindset so well. I’ve been doing your classes for years on YouTube and finally tried the website. Working as a Montessori teacher, mail carrier and caregiver for my mom makes finding time to do yoga difficult. Your free videos are the one truly beautiful life giving things I get to empower by stressed out system.

A million thanks my yoga mentor! I owe you. I’d like to show my support in the future by purchasing some stuff.

October 16, 2018

Anna, Psychomotor Therapist, Zürich, Switzerland

Thank you so much for your great classes! I really enjoy doing Yoga on my own at home where I can decide when I do what kind of class. It gives me a lot to know that I can roll out my mat, find my favourite teachers, be in that moment, and enjoy :) The classes from Tracey and Fiji are especially giving me what I need. Every morning after getting up and meditating, I have 10 to 20 minutes which I use to stand on my mat to find you. THANK YOU for your amazing classes, beautiful smiles, inspiring words, and calming sounds.

September 27, 2018

Syd, California, USA

I may have started using your yoga videos in 2015, after bronchitis had made a 6-week gap in my practice. It may have been after the lung surgery that disallowed upper body exercise, in June of that year. Or it may have been after I broke my foot in the fall. I know your peaceful and effective videos were my go-to in 2016 each time I had cataract surgery--I'd even volunteered my favourite (Hatha Seated, Whole Body Flow) to my ophthalmologist to share with other post-op patients. Most recently I'm recovering from retinal laser surgery, and again I feel grateful to you.
The above medical history I offer, tongue-in-cheek, because I think of myself as having good health--despite a few chronic illnesses... So often I've felt a wave of gratitude while doing your yoga videos--and now I just hope you sense how great your contribution has been, truly, to my quality of life, during times of special need.
I thank you.

June 20, 2018

Rob, Yoga Teacher, Bristol, UK

I have been a regular visitor to DYWM over the past three years. Since joining the DYWM community, I have never looked back. I have learnt so much, deepening my understanding of yoga through so many amazing teachers, classes and programmes. I had twin boys two years ago, so juggling parenting duties, work and yoga was tricky. DYWM enabled me to reignite my passion for yoga by doing classes before the boys woke up. Having grown in confidence, I then took the giant leap of enrolling to yoga teacher training last year. I am almost qualified and have just launched my website at www.yogadad.co.uk. This course has been transformational, and so much credit is due to DYWM for guiding me on this journey. Rob Reid, Bristol, UK.

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