February 19, 2021

Kat, Editor, New York

Really enjoying the site so far.

It's helped me jump-start my practice after some time off since COVID shut down my local studio. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy the video classes and definitely see myself continuing to use them even after it's safe to go back to the studio.

January 21, 2021

Angel, Dubai

I have been a longtime DoYogaWithMe follower, and I love your website and teachers! You are the best!

In the past I mainly attended the free classes occasionally, but COVID brought me closer to DoYogaWithMe. I also enjoyed the free 2 months trial very much.

Thank you for the greatest yoga that you and your colleagues provide and deliver!

January 13, 2021

Michelle, Specialized Kinesiologist, Penticton, British Columbia

Thank you so much for the 14-Day Beginner Yoga for Grounding Challenge. I have been a subscriber of DoYogaWithMe since March 2020 and this challenge is the best yet. 
I find having the choice made for me each day as to what class I am doing that day takes all the mental work out, and removes any excuses or dialogue I may have about certain classes or instructors. I receive it without question, and love the variety and just show up for the class. I do admit I don’t do it every day, some days I do two or even three classes, as that works well for me and it's great having that flexibility. I don’t use the music/spotify option, I tried it for the first class and found it was difficult to hear the instructor and to focus on what she was saying, but applaud the option and maybe one day I will use it.
Thank you for this 14-Day Challenge, I love love not having to think about what class I am going to do when I am able to carve out the space and time for a practice!
January 11, 2021

Leona, Business Owner, Alberta, Canada

I am loving the programs and have been doing a class daily since I signed up. I will definitely be signing on for a year membership.

My favorites are Crista Shillington and Fiji McAlpine, although I tried a few of the others on the two week challenge. All very good.

Looking forward to the new year with you.

December 11, 2020

Molly, Full-Time Mom, Dublin, Ireland

I'm so glad to have found this yoga community and I look forward to practicing with you in the future. You have great content and amazing teachers. I haven't done a class that I haven't enjoyed.  I've already got so much from practicing with you all. 
Many thanks and all the best!
Namaste :)
November 27, 2020

Alexandra, Wine Producer, Sicily, Italy

I’m absolutely in love with DoYogaWithMe! I’ve been following some random classes online for many years, but since I’ve became a member I love following programs and challenges.

The 30 minute classes are the best for me as I don’t have much time everyday between work and two kids, and the short classes give me the possibility to do yoga every day... and it feels so great!

Thank you for your amazing work, I am an "ambassador" of DoYogaWithMe and hope to follow a retreat as soon as possible.


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