June 10, 2021

Jean, Occupational Therapy Assistant, White Haven, Pennsylvania

I want to let you know how much DoYogaWithMe has meant to me. I started with your free classes - It was my introduction to practicing yoga. I had wanted to try it for a long time. I was obese, and out of shape, and needed to change my life. I started weight watchers, and jumped into yoga. I fell in love with it immediately. My yoga practice became the best part of my day. It was such a challenge, but I started noticing changes right away in my stamina, balance, flexibility, and how I felt about myself. Over the next year, I was down to a healthy weight, and in better condition than ever before. Then Covid hit. I had a mild case, but have been battling long haul symptoms for the last 7 months. I know that yoga would benefit me greatly, but have only had the strength and energy to practice a handful of times in since then. I miss it terribly. I am stopping my membership now, regretfully, but can't continue to pay for something I am unable to use. Hopefully, eventually, my life will return to something like normal, and I will return. Until then, thank you,  most sincerely, for all you have done for me. 
May 19, 2021

Bill, Psychotherapist, Stratford, Ontario

I found your site earlier in the pandemic when I was searching for yoga to help with too-many-Zoom-calls-back and hip pain. I found a YouTube video with David and discovered the site from there. I've been using the free content since then. I really like the mission of the group, and the ease with which I can search the library of videos (length, difficulty, teacher, focus...). It's the best search feature I've ever experienced.

The site's been a godsend for both heart and body. Thanks for making it all happen.

May 3, 2021

Bob, Retired, Victoria, British Columbia

I’ve really been enjoying my sessions so far. It’s great to be able to tailor my classes to what I want to focus on, to integrate them more into my schedule and to manage the time more effectively. I have set a goal of doing some yoga each day, 5 of every 7 days and so far have been managing that very well.

My familiarity with a number of the teachers has also been of benefit and I've recommended the site to a few friends as well.

April 27, 2021

Shannon, Education Assistant, Victoria, British Columbia

I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to access all the content on DoYogaWithMe, and have already found a couple of favourite practices that I have returned to.

The teachers are relatable and "real", and I love that I often come away from practising with a more full knowledge of some of the "theory" or "science" of yoga. I also love that many of the videos I've watched are filmed at local beaches.


April 19, 2021

Amanda, Vaccinator, Surrey, United Kingdom

I discovered DoYogaWithMe at the start of lockdown and have been doing the classes ever since. I love the teachers, range of classes and especially the challenges. I also got my sister into it too.

I’ve decided not to go back to my yoga classes when the gyms open back up in the UK. I will continue with your online yoga classes instead.

A big shout out to Fiji and Tracey who I follow the most. They’re brilliant!

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