Connections To Core

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Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Join Fiji in a stunning setting for an invigorating yoga practice, where she guides you through a dynamic sequence of challenging poses, arm balances and inversions, while bringing you back to your core. This Power yoga class gives you the tools to develop that connection progressively, so you can connect with it on the yoga mat, and in your life.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Best of everything
doubletwizzle 3 months ago

Wonderful full vinyasa class. I really enjoy the older class style with the voiceover and music rather than the teacher talking through the class. It feels more intentional and allows me to more completely experience the full yoga practice.

a well earned sweat!
jo hyman 6 months ago

Thank you. Working my way back from throwing my back out several times in the last month, ironically because my yoga has been inconsistent. Thank you for a good sweat and a calming atmosphere. The best way to practice! Figi, your subtle cues make all the difference in the world. A little shift can realign an entire pose!! I hope to meet you one day, possibly at one of your retreats!

Still One of My Favorites
hmariea 7 months ago

This is one of my "go-to" classes when I need to re-align my hips and re-set my body, build strength, and focus my practice. Thank you Fiji for the seeds you plant so faithfully - they are still bearing much fruit! :)

Challenged myself today as I felt crappy
Sharon Barnes 9 months ago

Figi is always awesome.. I did better than I thought! I continue to recommend my patients to your awesome sight. Thank you all so much,, I have been a member several months to augment my running and biking — love it.. My wrap up summary is — #kickedmyassima.. Make it a great Day.

This was absolutely amazing.
reidbee 1 year ago

This was absolutely amazing. Thank you!

freshang23 1 year ago

Completed this one as part of the 14day Advanced Challenge for 2018! Loved it as always and reminded me to request more please??? Vinyasa/Power workouts that are intermediate/advanced would be great for those of us trying to add more cardio power workouts in. Pretty please?

Re: more intermediate/advanced power vinyasa
David Procyshyn 1 year ago

Hi there. Have you checked out our Peak Pose Challenge page? Every challenge that is with Tracey, Fiji or Crista are intermediate to advanced and will likely be exactly what you are looking for. Click on'Challenges' above, and choose 'Peak Pose Challenges'.

Always a pleasure!
jemusto 1 year ago

This is one of the first classes that really blew my mind, must be more than 2 years ago. Just did once again did it after several months, and I still love it! I love the faster pace and good physical challenge. Still one of best classes by Fiji! Thanks!

Why can't I do side lunge pose arms spread anymore?!
Sphynx 1 year ago

Haha man 39 has kicked me in the butt! I was a national gymnast, dancer and equestrian and 10 years ago this pose was a sinch. Now Fiji has inspired me to get back to shape, challenging me with poses and transitions that I was falling out of! Great to kick my ego to the curb as well. Thanks for inspiring me back into a daily yogic practice Fiji. Great class :)