Connections To Core

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga
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Class Description: 

Join Fiji in a stunning setting for an invigorating yoga practice, where she guides you through a dynamic sequence of challenging poses, arm balances and inversions, while bringing you back to your core. This Power yoga class gives you the tools to develop that connection progressively, so you can connect with it on the yoga mat, and in your life.


Fiji never disappoints
chefgirl 1 month ago

WOW, what a challenge! I'd consider myself an intermediate, working towards advanced yogi, and this class kicked my butt. I love Fiji's classes that focus on specific body parts or developing specific poses. More advanced classes from Fiji, please!

This class is an amazing
pvetsen 3 months ago

This class is an amazing strengthener and a powerful energy flow. Fiji is such an incredible teacher. She has taught me so much, and the same words have guided me through many stages of my life. Thank you, and thank you to the whole DYWM team. You are all absolutely incredible.

This class rules! Fiji is so
Wonder 5 months ago

This class rules! Fiji is so thorough in her directives and explaining the poses. Working out pretty good in this one and feeling great after the wind down in the end too! Thanks!

One of the best power yoga
Niniq 7 months ago

One of the best power yoga classes i ever had!

Probably the best class here
tamiserene 7 months ago

I love all figi's classes, this was the first advanced class I did and every time I do it I am amazed by her great sequencing, gentle direction but this is still a challenge. Please more figi advanced videos

So good!
MattyDave 8 months ago

Amazing flow, really great to build strength! fun too :)

stronger than I thought!
starrfox 10 months ago

This class awakened a strength that I didn't realize I had- such a joy! Wonderful verbal cuing- and guiding to find strength deep within core by engaging the bandhas. Peppy pace kept the flow moving and grooving. I feel so revitalized, Thank you!

great and challenging class!
yogamomcanada 10 months ago

This class was great. Lots of room for me to improve but totally accessible as well. Love Fiji!!!

Reaching new lengths and developing new strengths
laurenjedlicka 11 months ago

Absolutely love Fiji and her spiritual connection she draws into her practices. Physically challenging, but still emotionally cleansing. THANK YOU!

Challenging, almost no warm up
donnellygillen 12 months ago

I could use another 5 minutes of warm-up before diving into the challenging flow at the beginning of the class. People with weak or injured shoulders or wrists should do independent warm-up before starting this class.