Connections To Core

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
Average: 4.9 (250 votes)
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Join Fiji in a stunning setting for an invigorating yoga practice, where she guides you through a dynamic sequence of challenging poses, arm balances and inversions, while bringing you back to your core. This Power yoga class gives you the tools to develop that connection progressively, so you can connect with it on the yoga mat, and in your life.

Equipment: None
Style: Vinyasa/Power Yoga


elimenop 2 weeks ago

Wow what a spectacular class. I'd say this is Intermediate II or III in terms of poses, but definitely Advanced regarding strength and stamina -- just what I needed. Looking forward to returning.

hillarynk 4 months ago

am i the only one who felt...lost throughout this practice?

Jhoanna Mukai 11 months ago

I needed this! I didn't realize how much i need to build my stamina back up. Thank you for kicking me into gear!

Tikkuner 11 months ago

Really well taught and challenging. I got through 40 minutes and then had to take a call. UGH!!! I get a lot of twinging in the area of my SI joint so I did some modifications but overall most of the class was doable for me. Thank you so much!

lpyles 1 year ago

I had not done this class for years, what a joy to revisit such a great class. I had avoided this class as it always exhausted me and I could not do some of the poses and the extra chaturangas. I was happily surprised that my dedication to daily practice has paid off. I did every additional chaturanga and was up to every pose. I even threw in Eka Pada Koundinyanasana II since we were almost there anyway! I can't believe the changes in strength, balance and flexibility you and a few other of my favorite instructors at DoYogaWithMe have enabled me to achieve. Thank you!!

nadonado 1 year ago

Powerful flow. My whole body was working hard. Thank you.

This has been my go-to class for a couple of years. I tried to download it, but I have a Macbook, and I was not able to download the class. No matter how many times I do this class, it’s still a great workout and leaves me feeling sore in a good way. I would prefer a slower build up to warrior one, but I usually just pause at that point and take my time. Thanks for such a great class!

carasummit 1 year ago

Great class, Fiji! Thank you for a class I really have to work hard just to get through. After the vinyasas, that arm balance was really challenging for me; I'm looking forward to more strength and more practice! Namaste

I simply love this class! It has all that I've been missing - besides strength, suppleness, balance it challenges my fitness level. I've many problems with my knees so my fitness level can't be strengthen by for example running, biking and so forth. I've been searching for at class that could give that and now I found it and want even more;-).
Fiji (or other yogis) can you tell me which classes besides this class and Inspire the Fire that increases your heart rate significantly?