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  • Loved this quick practice! I really appreciate how Fiji can pack SO much movement into a shorter routine. This one is great for after a run or when you don't have much time!

  • Good class, the warrior three poses were super difficult. I want to track my ability to do these poses over time.

  • maybe one of Fiji's best classes ever. This flow sequence is so pleasurable and fun, while also challenging your body productively. Fave moments: triangle pose, rabbit pose, some side-angle poses, and several fun transitions, like switch-kicks (poetic and not sure if purposefully connected to the theme of change/transition/having to turn on a dime). Whatever the case I LOVED it This is an amazing class to track progress on tough hip-opening asanas like the one where you put your arm under your thigh and try to lift up your hips, or the one where your hips are crossed over one another and you're on your seat (as I write this I need a block do execute this pose). This will be a fun one to come back to and see how well I can do these poses in the future... or when I've had a bad day and just need something that feels AMAZING. Great meditations too.

  • Liked this class a lot. Harder than I thought it would be--a lot of holding poses.

  • Great workout focused on core stability. Was a good, short burner with movements more difficult than they first seem.

  • One of the best! A long, sweaty, challenging workout with lots of rest as well!

  • Loved it! Not the most challenging but works up to a good sweat in the middle. Very playful practice as I've come to expect from Crista.

  • Awesome practice! I got very sweaty with micro-movements and the holding of poses! Andrea is such a great inspiring teacher. I will definitely be trying this practice again to see how I do with the flying splits!

    Tried again on 4/5 without much luck. I was still feeling very stiff and sore from the long drive from Florida, so I wasn't able to wiggle my shoulder under my knee. However I was more familiar with the pose itself at this stage and felt I got a big closer. I mildly injured my upper back whilst running in Florida so there were some spasmy moments.

  • AWESOME core burn! LOVE!

  • Loved it! I'm working up to the full bind and will love to come back to this class to see if I can get into it after all. This class is super challenging and gets intense very quickly. My arms were shaking!

  • I liked this class but the binds are very difficult for. me. Still working up to them and can really only get halfway past the "half bind." I was very sore on 3/16/21 when I did it for the first time in awhile so hopefully I can get better with time. I love Tracey N as she is so wonderful and calming!

  • Great morning flow when you are feeling a need for deep rest or restoration

  • This one was great, but not too challenging, for my week of deadlines. A "must" if you want a little sweating, but not too much, and quick changing from side-to-side to feel accomplished in a short time.

  • I did this class and wanted to like it due to the cute holiday title, but I don't like the teacher. She seems pretentious, talks way too much about her yoga teacher in India, counts breaths out loud (why?) and leans way too hard into the "correct" pronunciation of CHATARANGA. You're a white girl!

  • I took this class the day I got the Covid vaccine and my muscles were feeling so fatigued it was unbelievable. Fiji's encouragement to do what was right for me in the moment depending on the sensations in my body was such a welcome balm on a day I was feeling not-so-great. The class felt very challenging today, so I opted for many of the modified asanas. I'm excited to try this on a day when I have more energy to see how my approaches change.

  • Loved this one! Fiji is sooo gifted at getting a ton of movement into a short practice! Since there are so many standing poses this one with the exception of the chatarangas could be good for pregnancy.

  • Awesome! Great for recovery

  • This one is suuuuch a great class for hip openers, stretching, and even a couple of fun standing poses. Got a nice sweat in under 30 minutes too. What surprises me about Andrea's classes is how pleasurable the sensations feel even when I'm in an asana I usually find hard to access or even painful. Andrea, your gentle guidance is incredible!

  • Love this! Different levels of challenge offered in this nice, challenging, longggg flow. Fiji has the most delicious classes and meditations!

  • Loved this practice! It was a challenge for me in my current tense state, as I'm starting to realize just how wound up my body is! My left shoulder is in quite a lot of pain so that made 'wild thing' on the left side hard to do - I ended up having to come out of it early. However, all the other poses like the side planks and dancer pose into warrior three were delicious and as a commenter said, "My body feels concertinaed!" Would definitely do again when I need a reset or to feel "wrung out."

  • Loved this class! Great if you want a sweat but don't want too much "rough stuff" after a long day. Josh is a great teacher.

  • Great slower practice especially to loosen up the back!

  • Love this one! Such a great little burner when you don't have much time!

  • Loved this one! It's a bit hard to do when training extensively for a race as there are many poses with one knee on the ground (ouch) as well as ut-katasana and others that challenge the glutes, hamstrings and quads. But the stretches are gorgeous!

  • short and sweet! Great for a quick burn and there are some excellent stretches as well as options to make it less or more challenging. Next time I want to challenge myself to lift my hands to prayer (as opposed to keeping them tented on the floor) in the standing pose with one knee in the back of the other.

  • Lovely light flow! Definitely created some space in my spinal column <3

  • Gorgeous class. Lots of compression poses, standing poses, and flushing out toxins with twists. Perfect for NY detox!

  • Incredibly easy, so not really for working out as there aren't many asanas. However the breathwork and potential for meditation are awesome!

  • Excellent intermediate flow, but I felt it was more an intermediate one. I found the split-leg poses in this one challenging as they were held for some time. However, each difficult pose has a counter-pose that really loosens you up.

  • Great re-introduction to Pilates. A lot of the reviews say her instructions are confusing but they really aren't.

  • Absolutely loved this one! It's a bit of an easier flow with about half the class's time taken up by sun salutations. However it warms up quickly after that and ends with a challenging seated twist which is also an amazing hamstring stretch. Awesome for morning or right before bed if you need something gentle yet still invigorating.

  • Wow! This one is a slow burn with a few "yowzaaa what is happening to me?!" asanas sprinkled in. Some really challenging twists and standing pose sequences that use the same leg for a long period of time. As I type this I am still trembling. My entire body feels wrung out and at peace. That said, it was very difficult and I couldn't do the full range of movement especially in the flying splits pose. I actually can't even get my shoulder underneath my armpit... but then again I've never been able to do that. Worth mentioning that when I did this I felt more out-of-shape than I have in a long time, probably due to the holidays and lack of dedication to exercise/wellness (my fault but now getting back into it feels like such a haul).

  • Loved it! Great little quick burn.

  • Excellent short pilates burn that challenges both core and lower body.

  • Great practice. The twists are an amazing shoulder/neck release! Not too hard, just some fallen triangle in the middle gets VERY spicy. I did this after having Covid so it was not as easy as it might have been otherwise.

  • This class is amazing, adnd so refreshing but some of my glut and thigh muscles rebelled in the "foot/ankle-grab" poses.

  • Great practice to open up when really tight. The cross-legged poses are the most challenging (especially if you choose to go into crow) as front and side planks don't last very long.

  • Lovely practice to unwind after a long day! Not too challenging, but some heat particularly in the build up to plough pose.

  • Excellent ab workout!

  • Excellent for stretching with slight burns punctuated throughout.