Pilates: Booty Boost

Julia Crouch
Instructor Julia Crouch
Average: 4.9 (21 votes)
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This intermediate pilates class with Julia is all about strengthening and giving the backside a little lift! Follow along with your breath and connect to your glutes.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


Cynthia Kinnison 3 months ago

Thank you for offering this Pilates class. I loved the gentle challenge. Easy to follow along.

nadonado 3 months ago

I'm loving this class. Challenging and fun. Thank you.

Jewels1 3 months ago

Nice! This was fun and challenging! I am not usually a Pilates fan but you have changed my mind...
I hope there are more classes coming, I will definitely look out for them!

Many Thanks Julia!

Julia Crouch 3 months ago

Thanks @Jewels1! I'm actually in the studio next week to film more!

Stay tuned!

mcala 3 months ago

My physio recently worked out that my glutes weren't really firing and needed strengthening (despite a ton of biking and hiking). So I am glad to have come across this class with a great variety of exercises :) I have to take a break and stretch during the clam exercise- that is quite the burn!!

FreeMyself 3 months ago

I really enjoyed this pilates booty boost! The exercise selection and progression were amazing! It flowed nicely and I really enjoyed the burn. Thank you kindly!