Turning Inwards

Intermediate II
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In this slow, deliberate practice, retreat into your inner sanctuary. Join Andrea and explore opening your inner thighs and hamstrings towards kurmasana, also known as turtle pose. Note: Feel free to use a blanket or block for knee support.

This can either be done as a stand-alone class or as Day 5 of Cultivate Your Inner Teacher 14-Day Intermediate Yoga Challenge.

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  • None


  • Flexibility
  • Hips
  • Legs and Feet
  • Lower Back
  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Spine
  • Twists


  • Slow Flow
  • Vinyasa/Power Yoga
Virginia Rego
March 2, 2023

Ha ha, wasn't sure at the midway point but hung on and glad I did! Yes, my hips protested at some of the poses, but I guess that's part of the practice.

As others have already said, the change in perspective was welcomed. Did this class as part of one of the 14-day challenges - so nice to try different classes.

November 13, 2022

I just get so much out of this practice! I love your voice and your beautiful sequencing!

September 24, 2022

I love this practice - it's sooo nourishing and soothing - a deep, healing sequence. It definitely targets areas of vulnerability (lots of hip, some heart openers) but the forward folds make it meditative (my eyes were closed for most of the practice). If the movements are done intentionally, it can also be strengthening. I really like Andrea's style - she is creative and thoughtful with sequencing, and balances stretching with challenge. This one also features turtle pose - an all-time favorite.