Pilates: Core Burn

Julia Crouch
Instructor Julia Crouch
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Short on time? Get serious about your core work with Julia in this quick and efficient 15-minute class! No props needed.

Equipment: None
Style: Pilates


Jewels1 1 week ago

What a great class! Short but effective! Definitely felt the burn. I have back issues which can limit core work but no issues with this one. Julia your instructions were clear and the class well paced.
Thank you so much!

Please keep the core classes coming!

mesonic98 1 month ago

I love this little class, I do it whenever I have an extra 20 mins in my day. Would love if you did more. Thanks so much.

choco_noire07 3 months ago

I would love to do more pilate core burn classes like this! Please make more for us! My core appreciates you :)

Julia Crouch 3 months ago

choco_noire07 we appreciate you!

More are certainly in the works. Stay tuned!

charring@atomic... 4 months ago

Thank you! Nice to get some pilates back into my practice. (Enjoyed it so much I did it twice.)

PeacefulRN 4 months ago

3/23/21. Really great core practice to add to my roster of pilates classes. I have been doing pilates core practices 3-4 x week for about 9 months and have noticed a huge improvement in my posture and low back stability This class was nicely challenging but doable. Great cues! One question for Julia (or anyone else): I tend to feel a lot of tension in my hip flexors when doing single leg & double leg extensions. Is there a cue I can use to shift the focus to the abdominals? Thank you!

Julia Crouch 4 months ago

@PeacefulRN I'm so glad you enjoyed the class and are feeling the benefits of Pilates!
Excellent question, many people struggle with this. To help ease your hip flexors while your body is learning to do the exercises without overusing them, I'd recommend doing some windshield wiper type movements between exercises and before starting class. Any time you go in to an extension you can rotate your leg(s) back and forth to try to encourage the hip flexors to disengage.
Also, really focus on maintaining a neutral spine (tailbone to the floor with a small hover under your low back).
Make smaller movements with your legs so that your hip flexors don't grip too much, focus on engaging your glutes and hamstrings as you lower an extended leg away from you and take breaks!
Visiting a physiotherapist could also be very beneficial.
I hope this helps!