Supported Flying Splits

Andrea Ting-Letts
Instructor Andrea Ting-Letts
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In this invigorating vinyasa flow practice, Andrea guides you to refine the elements you need to take flight in the flying splits, also known as eka pada koundinyasana II. Build strong foundations in the hands, wrist, and core, expand flexibility in your inner thighs, stabilize your shoulders and make use of props to access this powerful hand balance.

Equipment: Block, Bolster
Style: Vinyasa Yoga


Capuchinmac 2 months ago

I think the flow is not enough to stretch and prepare yoyr body to the final pose. Even some normal sun salutations would legs overall needed more work even when i know i can do the final pose. There is a lot of time lost duting the practice that coukd have been used for more preparation.

nadonado 2 months ago

Thank you for the creative use of the blocks under the thigh to attempt that difficult move. I think with practice I can complete the move one day.

MysteryLady 2 months ago

I find that my hamstrings and hips are too tight to allow me to get into poses where my leg is up over my shoulder or my shoulder under my knee and thus I can’t get into the pose properly and there appears to be either full expression of the pose or not at all, Andrea doesn’t explain if there are other versions of the pose.
Andrea is a great teacher and I would love to see a more general class of hers and not one that is focused on getting to a peak pose. I find that classes that work towards a peak pose consist of lots of poses that are similar to the peak pose and build on one another but I can’t get into these poses either.

Kleccese 2 months ago

Thanks! You brought me to the pose successfully. Thanks for helping me through quarantine.

LEIGH A TRIFARI 2 months ago

My first attempt doing this class--I feel like I'm a pretty solid "Intermediate II" level student and this class was waaaay more advanced . I think it should be more like an "Advanced I". It's all good--something to work towards. Loved the Chataranga Pushups--next time, I may just go strapless, Andrea (-:
Definitely a fun and challenging way to start the morning. And I now have something to work towards!

loriinman 3 months ago

Love love love. I will never be able to do the entire pose, but it's so lovely to push my boundaries. Thanks, Andrea!

sng4ever 3 months ago

Andrea is a great teacher and this is a wonderful "tutorial" type practice. The modifications and steps to the peak pose are done well and you will be warmed up for the peak pose when you go to do it. This is a practice you can refer back to and see how you progress as you build strength and stamina.

One small issue, for me, was corpse. You are in final resting pose when Andrea leaves. I prefer "closure" with the teacher. Totally personal preference. :)

Jill Potratz 3 months ago

So great! Thank you. I was tempted to quit after those push ups, but I am so glad I continued. Loved the compass and camel...and the relaxation at the end. I feel great!

Usch 3 months ago

Andrea, thanks so much for this great class. Step by step you guided me to flying splits. And with your support I did it. I feel so empowered.