Yoga for Athletes

Fiji McAlpine
Instructor Fiji McAlpine
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Being an athlete herself, Fiji knows how to take care of the body when you are punishing it with regular, intense workouts. This class is great for any athlete, whether you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist, football player, hockey player or a lover of any other sport. This will help you recover, prevent injuries and move efficiently in whatever sport you choose.

Equipment: None
Style: Yoga for Athletes, Yoga for Runners


Loewenstein 5 months ago

I commute to work by bicycle and, in the process, put in a lot of miles on my bike. This video is great for relieving stiffness and improving flexibility in my overused muscles. It really helps with tightness in the hips. There are many superb videos on this site, but I come back to this workout more oftan than any other.

Jenny3 1 year ago

Just what I needed. Intense stretching was heaven. This class is bookmarked!

Nyamyj 1 year ago

I love Fiji’s classes although I am a beginner and usually have to back off at some points. I truly appreciated the slower pace and would love more of this type of practice that is slower enabling more time to sink into poses. Felt so much in my legs and hips that are so tight from tennis. Any chance of Fiji doing a class for beginners? Or perhaps suggestions on which intermediate classes may suit a beginner?

Fiji McAlpine 1 year ago

I am happy to hear you like the classes and that you are interested in exploring some deep release in those tight hips. Longer holds are really essential for that softening. I do plan to film a class in the next 2 weeks that will be called strength to surrender, it will be an intermediate class at a slower pace with longer holds.

I also think you might like the classes: The space within, yoga for self confidence, and yoga for lower back care series I filmed last year.


jbencke 1 year ago

I love that I can come back to this video time and time again and always find something new in the practice. The instruction is so good, and the nuance of each turn of phrase finds a different place to land as I do the practice. Thank you!

Nadja Croft 1 year ago

Thank you, Figi, for consistently superb classes and instruction! Beautiful spirit excellent workout!

Tranquil One 1 year ago

Excellent yoga stretches for runners! This worked out all the tightness in the hips, knees, IT band that occurs with running! Will be returning to this class again! Feel so good now, Thanks Fiji!

bpowereaton 1 year ago

After a long trail run this weekend and road run yesterday, my legs were tight and sore. This sequence not only stretched all the areas I needed, but also was a mix of strengthening and endurance all the while. I especially loved the more intense IT-band and hip stretches, which are my problem areas that lead to knee issues over time. Thank you!

saxorax 1 year ago

The slower pace and longer holds in this practice really challenged me. Love this class!

lisahuck 2 years ago

so good. I really appreciate the alternative to accommodate knee injuries. As always, your classes are just the best, Fiji.